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What’s the Difference Between AquaGold®, Morpheus8 and Traditional Microneedling? Kansas City, MO

In case you hadn’t noticed, we offer several types of microneedling here at aNū! The reason is simple: Each treatment offers distinct benefits, helping us tailor your treatment to your skin’s exact needs. Here’s a closer look at each microneedling treatment on our menu, and how they work to help you achieve your best-looking, healthiest complexion yet.

Let’s start with traditional microneedling.

Here at aNū, we use Rejuvapen® microneedling. Suitable for all skin types, this handheld, pen-like device uses nine sterile needles to create thousands of invisible holes in your skin, causing your skin to heal itself and grow vibrant new skin that looks smoother, tighter and brighter. Rejuvapen features an adjustable needle length from 0.2 to 2.5 mm which allows us to customize your treatments, from mild skin freshening to moderate scar repair anywhere on the face or body. For your best results, we recommend a series of three treatments performed every four to six weeks, and periodic maintenance treatments as your skin continues to age.

To enhance your Rejuvapen results, we can add platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to your treatment. PRP is a concentrated portion of your very own blood that spurs healing and skin renewal for a synergistic boost of complexion benefits. During your microneedling treatment, we will apply your PRP to your skin, enabling its absorption deep into your pores.

AQUAGOLD® microneedling

AQUAGOLD can basically be described as a handheld stamping device that’s outfitted with tiny gold needles. Our trained RNs and MDs gently press AQUAGOLD onto your skin, creating micro-channels. However, AQUAGOLD is also outfitted with a patented dispensing mechanism, enabling it to administer beneficial ingredients to your skin at the same time it creates these tiny holes. Depending on your complexion needs, we can infuse your skin with a customized blend of rejuvenating ingredients. Some of our clients love AQUAGOLD for administering neurotoxins into the uppermost layers of skin to help shrink pore size, smooth wrinkles and tighten and brighten skin. Other skin-revitalizing ingredients to consider for your AQUAGOLD treatment include hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, exosomes, peptides, growth factors and amino acids. We can help you pick the ideal ingredients for your AQUAGOLD sessions during your personal consultation. With a series of AQUAGOLD treatments, you should start noticing your lines and wrinkles softening, your skin texture becoming smoother and your skin looking more radiant and evenly-toned. Best of all, there’s usually no downtime with this microneedling treatment!

Morpheus8 Microneedling RF

Our most powerful and intense microneedling treatment, Morpheus8 is ideal for intense skin resurfacing, improving deep lines and wrinkles, acne scars or other textural irregularities. Morpheus8 combines microneedling with radiofrequency (RF) to stimulate your skin’s natural healing response from deep within. Unlike AquaGold, Morpheus8 typically involves a little social downtime as your skin renews itself in the days following your treatment. Traditional microneedling also incurs downtime. However, Morpheus8 penetrates the skin deeper than any other microneedling treatment on the market. We can help you decide which microneedling treatment is right for you during your skincare consultation.

Keep in mind that it’s important to stay out of the sun and wear an SPF of at least 30 as your skin heals with microneedling. (We recommend sunscreen application every day of the year!) Also, immediately following your treatment, avoid anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen, Motrin or Advil because they can interfere with your skin’s natural inflammatory and healing response.

To learn more about microneedling in Kansas City at aNū, please call 816-359-3310 or request a consultation online today!

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