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How Soon Can I Wear Makeup After RF Microneedling?

Makeup can help any woman feel more confident about herself. Wearing makeup has been a part of some women’s lives from a young age, using it to cover up unsightly acne scars as well as to enhance their best facial features. But  after sensitive skin treatments like microneedling, you might want to let your makeup rest on your dresser for a while first.

So how soon can you wear makeup after a radiofrequency microneedling treatment? While microneedling for women’s faces can produce some amazing results, you should be aware that the process will have some temporary side effects including redness and irritation that could last for around 48 hours. You won’t be able to conceal the redness with foundation and you must allow your skin to adapt and heal naturally, which means you must refrain from wearing cosmetics.

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When Is It Safe to Start Wearing Makeup after RF Microneedling Treatment?

Covering up the redness with cosmetics is one of the worst things you can do, since it may clog the pores on your newly exposed skin, potentially leading to skin issues, like breakouts. You’ll have to wait for the redness to fade, but in the meantime, you can soothe it using soft, unscented products made with natural ingredients. Before applying makeup, you should wait at least 48 hours following microneedling to allow faster recovery of your skin.

Why Should You Avoid Makeup After RF Microneedling?

Wearing makeup too soon or the wrong kind of makeup might have negative consequences and potentially cause long-term complications following any skin rejuvenation therapy. For best comfort and improved results, as with all things post-microneedling, it’s essential to effectively follow pre- and post-treatment skin care guidelines.

You can also apply makeup to cover any remaining redness roughly 48 hours following the procedure. During your treatment, your dermatologist will provide you particular skincare recommendations according to your skin type. After your RF microneedling treatment, it’s critical to prevent excessive sun exposure and apply appropriate SPF. As your skin heals, this will help you avoid hyperpigmentation and achieve the greatest possible outcomes.

Why Follow This Timeframe?

Although foundation makeup is a fantastic option for correcting pigmentation concerns regarding your skin’s natural appearance, the way makeup is formulated makes it a less than ideal option following microneedling treatments. Most cosmetics have an oil base or contain minerals that can clog pores and interfere with normal skin shedding, making it more challenging for your skin to heal after this treatment.

While you may want to conceal the redness with cosmetics, you should wait until your licensed aesthetician gives you the go signal. It’s essential to wait before applying makeup to give your skin a chance to breathe and recuperate from the treatment’s micro-injuries. When you apply makeup, such as tinted moisturizer or sunscreen, too soon after cosmetic treatments, you risk infection. 

Your skin will be in a better condition to tolerate the chemicals used in tinted products after 24 hours. After 48 to 72 hours, the top layer of your skin will have healed sufficiently that frequent makeup application won’t cause any recovery issues. Before you’re done with your microneedling sessions, your dermatologist can give you a complete set of instructions. 

Within a few days, you should see results, but they will continue to improve as your skin promotes elastin and collagen production. As your skin recovers, be sure to use clean brushes and tools and avoid anything that could aggravate it, as sensitivity and dryness are both common side effects of RF microneedling.

How Long Will Your Skin Need To Recover?

Although RF microneedling doesn’t require a lot of downtime, it can cause minor side effects such as redness and sensitivity, so it’s best to avoid scheduling your treatments too soon to before an occasion. The majority of patients’ redness will fade within 48 hours, but in rare circumstances, it may linger up to a week. You may have some tightness or irritation throughout the natural healing process, which should last no longer than 2 days after your treatment. 

After a microneedling treatment, many patients report that their skin feels dry or sandpapery, although this side effect should fade immediately. ​​To get their desired results, the majority of microneedling patients will require multiple treatment sessions. Many people notice their final outcomes after their second or third treatment, with full results appearing 1 to 6 months after treatment. 

Because RF microneedling stimulates the production of collagen, the results improve over time as the skin repairs and regenerates new cells. During your appointment, your provider will discuss the types of results you can expect, the number of treatment sessions required to accomplish them, and when you can expect to see the results.

Which Skincare Products Can You Use After Microneedling?

Any skincare product that contains harsh exfoliating chemicals should be avoided. Avoid scented products and don’t use glycolic or alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). For at least the first 48 hours after a microneedling procedure, retinol and vitamin C serum should be avoided. If you use products with a strong anti-aging formula, you may want to gradually incorporate items back into your everyday beauty routine instead of completing your usual regimen after 2 full days.

What can you put on your skin if you can’t wear makeup after a microneedling treatment? The majority of your skincare regimen should be focused on enhancing skin health, maintaining skin hydration, and protecting your skin during this critical and highly vulnerable period for the first 1 to 3 days following a microneedling treatment. The great news is that you have a variety of products to choose from that are safe to use on your skin, including:

  • Aloe vera – Aloe vera’s healing properties are useful for treating skin irritation, dryness, and uneven skin tone, and it’s most typically used to help your skin recover after burns.
  • Coconut oil – Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer that can help you maintain your skin’s moisture balance after your treatment, which is your primary priority.
  • Mild cleansers – Mild cleansers that don’t contain harsh chemicals like sulfates or specific chemicals like acids are great for microneedling patients.
  • Sunscreen – Sunscreen should be worn at all times, but especially after 2 weeks of microneedling treatments. After your treatment, you should not wear sunscreen for the first 24 hours, as you should not use any mineral-based products. Try to wear sunscreen the next day.
  • Moisturizers – After your treatment, apply moisturizer throughout the day to maintain your skin supple and smooth.

Aftercare Tips for RF Microneedling Treatment

This non-surgical and minimally invasive treatment is likely an excellent option for you if you wish to prevent evidence of aging or address uneven skin texture. Following microneedling, your doctor must provide you detailed recommendations, especially if they should be customized to your medical history or skin condition.

1) Avoid Sun Exposure

Overexposure to the sun is never beneficial for the skin. Sun damage can harm your skin and contribute to issues including noticeable aging and discoloration. It’s highly essential to avoid damaging UV rays now that you’ve decided to invest in radiofrequency microneedling to enhance your complexion. 

Because microneedling temporarily enhances skin sensitivity, you should minimize your time in the sun and use a broad-spectrum SPF. Continue to wear sunscreen every day after the natural healing process is through to preserve and protect your new, healthy skin cells.

2) No to Exercise and Sweating

You’ll need to take at least 2 days off if you’re committed to a rigorous workout regimen. Patients should avoid sweating exercise shortly after microneedling since it might cause discomfort and swelling as well as expose the skin to bacteria. You can go back to your normal activities once your skin has fully-healed from the microneedling session.

3) Follow the Recommended Skincare Routine

Consult your dermatologist before using any cleansers, toners, or scrubs in the 2 to 3 days following your microneedling treatment to ensure the ingredients won’t aggravate any additional side effects. It’s best to stick to natural, mild products you’re already familiar with.

You should avoid using serums, gels, and creams that contain retinol or other active ingredients after the microneedling procedure. During this period of increased sensitivity, these products are likely to irritate your skin. To avoid feeling dry, keep your prescribed moisturizer on hand and use it as often as necessary especially to prevent trans-epidermal moisture loss.

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A woman under rf microneedling treatment

After your microneedling procedure, taking care of your skin can make a big difference in how well your treatment works. Not only will effective aftercare relieve your symptoms, but it will also protect your skin as it heals from long term damage. Follow your healthcare professional’s instructions as carefully as possible, and don’t be hesitant to ask questions before and after the session.

Consider having your effective treatment at aNu Aesthetics to reduce the risk of RF microneedling. All of our cosmetic procedures at aNu Aesthetics are conducted by highly-trained specialists to guarantee that you receive the results you want while avoiding any adverse effects. Call us at (816) 670-4406 to learn more about our RF microneedling treatments and other services.

Heal Your Face Like Never Before With microNeedling

Rejuvenate and heal your face with the technique proven time and time again to provide maximum regenerative results: microneedling. Call us today to book your microneedling appointment at aNu Aesthetics.


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