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Chemical Peels


What are the benefits of Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels can enhance your appearance by reducing blotchy and uneven pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, freckling, age spots, sun-damaged skin, and acne scars in a relatively short time. Chemical peels accelerate the production of new cells. Enjoy fresh smooth skin – immediately after your first treatment!


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Who are candidates for a chemical peel?

Your skin type and the results you are aspiring to achieve will determine if you are a candidate, as well as which class of peel is most appropriate for you.

Chemical Peels are topically applied acids that aid in the restoration and rejuvenation of the skin’s surface. They create a uniform and controlled shedding of several layers of the skin. Depending on the nature and depth of the peel, a significant number of layers can be exfoliated allowing new growth to be exposed, creating a fresh vibrant appearance.

How does my skin look immediately after treatment?

Chemical peels will leave your skin feeling soft and you will notice a healthy glow to your complexion. Due to the increase of circulation, a mild temporary blush surrounding the treated area may be the only evidence of your therapy, initially. You may have skin peeling up to 3-5 days after your treatment as the damaged skin cells will slough away to reveal the new and radiant skin beneath.

What are the side effects?

Chemical peels have become increasingly popular because of the array of advantages and relative lack of complications. Side effects are rare and usually temporary. Some side effects include uneven pigmentation, redness, and very infrequent scarring if the skin is not cared for appropriately. Sun protection is crucial to minimize the risk of side effects. A treatment program of individually suited products and sun protection will benefit your skin’s ability to maintain the results of the peel. You can decrease the likelihood of side effects by carefully following the instructions of your treatment provider.

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