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Forever Clear BBL


What is Forever Clear BBL?

Acne is not exclusive to teenagers; virtually anyone can experience a breakout of blemishes at anytime. For anyone experiencing a mild to moderate breakout, Forever Clear BBL offers a next generation acne reduction solution. This treatment harnesses the power of blue, yellow, and infra-red lighting to:

  • Destroy acne-producing bacteria
  • Reduce dermal inflammation from blemishes and prevent future breakouts
  • Stimulate the body’s collagen production and with it, skin rejuvenation for radiant, clearer skin

Safe and effective for both teens and adults, Forever Clear BBL can help you reclaim control of your skin from pesky, unwelcome acne breakouts.


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How many treatments will I need?

Each of our patients will have very distinctive aesthetic goals in mind for their treatments. To help you achieve the best possible results, we can tailor a treatment plan over a course of time that may help you achieve your desired results. Ultimately, results will vary from person to person.

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What can I expect during my treatment?

Before any treatment takes place, you’ll meet with one of our specialists during a consultation to explore your candidacy and whether this treatment may be the right choice for you. Once decided, we can schedule an appointment.

During your treatment, one of our specialists maneuvers the Forever Clear BBL device across the designated treatment area. Blue laser light is delivered to destroy acne-producing bacteria, followed by yellow light to reduce any redness from inflammation, and infra-red light to stimulate the body’s production of collagen to rejuvenate the skin. With an optimal treatment plan, we can help you reclaim control of your complexion.

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