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Introducing Reiki at aNu Aesthetics™ and Optimal Wellness North!


The word “Reiki” comes from the Japanese word (rei) which means “universal life” and (ki) which means “energy.”

As energetic beings, the higher the frequency of your vibration, the better you feel in your physical, mental and emotional body.

What many people love the most about Reiki is that it allows them to simply “be.” It is a few minutes of pure relaxation where the receiver can clear their head and release the tension and stress of their day. The energy transfer through Reiki may make people feel peaceful, relaxed and lighter, which allows them to be in touch with their inner selves and reflect clearly on their lives.

Reiki is used to remind our bodies how to go back into the “repair” or “self-healing” state of rest and reset. Reiki reminds receivers to be in the present moment. The positive energy transfer allows the mind to focus on current events, not hold onto past mistakes, and not fret on anxieties about the future. This will help with accepting how life is unfolding and will help promote positive reactions to situations, people and circumstances.

Steph Heck, LPN, is a Reiki Master. She now offers a 15-minute add-on service for Reiki therapy before or after any treatment in our NEW relaxation room at our North location. Upon request, she can also infuse your Botox® and products with Reiki.

Meet Alex McAnderson

Aesthetic Master Corporate Energy Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Stress Management Consultant, Owner of Villalobos Vitality

Alex McAnderson is a licensed Corporate Energy Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Stress Management Consultant, and owner of Villalobos Vitality who believes that everyone’s innermost self should be cherished and nurtured.

Alex has helped entrepreneurs, corporations, and executives lead from a place of oneness and empathy, seamlessly weaving spiritual work into the corporate sector.  Through meditation and breathwork, Alex teaches stress management techniques designed to inspire the self while pushing through limiting beliefs to encourage healthy personal and professional development.

This is because Alex provides a sacred space to help her patients achieve alignment and tap into their higher purpose in life.

People describe Alex as having a powerful, healing influence with warmth and kindness that is both calming and transformational. She walks alongside her patients without judgment or trying to fix them. Simply put, Alex guides everyone to find the light within themselves and walk in their truth.

Enjoy this opportunity to learn with Alex how to stay rooted while also flowing through life’s cycles. We are always growing. Have faith that you are right on time.


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FAQs: REIKI in Kansas City, MO at aNu Aesthetics™ and Optimal Wellness

Simple explanation, please — what exactly is Reiki?

Reiki energy is a subtle energy. It is different than electricity or chemical energy or other kinds of physical energy. It is the awareness that unseen energy flows through all living things and directly affects the quality of a person’s health. When your life energy is low, it is more difficult to deal with stress; you may not sleep well and you’re more susceptible to illness. When your life energy is strong, you feel strong and can more easily deal with stress, and are less likely to get sick. Reiki opens and clears your chakras and the ki (life force) in your body. On another note, Reiki can only do good and can never cause harm.

What does a Reiki treatment feel like?

What one experiences during a Reiki treatment varies somewhat from person to person. However, feelings of deep relaxation are usually felt by all. In addition, many feel a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and surrounds them. As the Reiki energy encourages one to let go of all tension, anxiety, fear or other negative feelings, a state of peace and well-being is experienced. Some drift off to sleep or report floating outside their bodies or have visions and other mystical experiences. At the end of the treatment, one typically feels refreshed with a more positive, balanced outlook.

*Reiki information above is from


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  • Hello Alex,

    Just wanted to drop a line and say thank you for yesterday, it was AMAZING.  Also, I wanted to share something: it didn’t occur to me immediately why I felt more “clear.” It is because my neck pain is gone.  For the first time since I got hit by the car, I have no neck pain.  I didn’t fully appreciate how distracting pain the pain was, like a chainsaw constantly buzzing in the background.

    I feel like yesterday was a very quiet, very personal revolution, and I can’t wait to do it again. 

    Many thanks,

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