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Best Bussolyft in Kansas City

Experience Maximum Rejuvenation With Skin Treatments at aNu Aesthetics and Optimal Wellness

What Bussolyft is and How It Can Help You

Sagging skin is one of the most common signs of aging that many people want to avoid. As we age, the body slowly produces less collagen and elastin, the two important proteins that give the skin its structure and elasticity. Without enough collagen and elastin, the skin on the face starts to sag – leading to the appearance of jowls, dark circles under the eye, hollow cheek area, loose neck skin, and deep wrinkles.

A surgical facelift is one of the most reliable treatments that bring back the youthful appearance by surgically removing the excess skin and repositioning the muscles. However, this type of plastic surgery comes with pain, downtime, and side effects that many patients aren’t willing to risk. Luckily, there are non-surgical alternatives like injectables and thread lifts that produce great results. 

Bussolyft gives the skin the optimum lift it needs to restore the patient’s natural beauty. It is a highly advanced non-surgical face and jowl lifting surgery that closely resembles surgery without having to resort to surgical techniques. 

It was developed by Dr. Mariano Busso who spent years developing a different approach to facial rejuvenation. Dr. Busso was also a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology and a part of the FDA advisory panel for creating the national guidelines for cosmetic fillers.

Bussolyft was even featured on California Life HD because of its unique approach to skin rejuvenation. This one-of-a-kind treatment utilizes fillers and sutures to give the skin a unique lift, improve the facial structures, and fill the hollowness in different areas of the face.

Dr. Busso’s team trained Dr. Cristyn Watkins in this innovative procedure to help provide a skin rejuvenation treatment without the need for scalpels and surgical procedures.


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The Best Bussolyft Treatments in Kansas City by aNu Aesthetics and Optimal Wellness

Finding the right provider to perform Bussolyft treatments is crucial because it helps patients restore their youthful appearance and avoid serious complications. We are the only practice in KC and surrounding areas offering this advanced procedure. 

Our team here at aNu Aesthetics and Optimal Wellness is dedicated to providing the ultimate med spa experience to each of our patients through personal attention, excellence in care, and an atmosphere of professionalism. This procedure is currently only offered by Dr. Cristyn Watkins, but her team is here to help you determine if this is the best treatment for you!

All of our Bussolyft procedures follow the distinct approach developed by the world’s leading expert in this procedure, Dr. Mariano Busso. It is only performed inside our state-of-the-art facilities to ensure patient comfort and safety at all times. We also make sure to give patients the right information about this unique technique to help them create the right decision about rejuvenating their skin and enhancing their appearance.

Find out if this is the right procedure for you by booking a consultation with us. Schedule an appointment with our board-certified and trusted providers in Kansas City now by calling us or visiting us online.

FAQs About Bussolyft

Q: Who will perform my Bussolyft procedure? 

A: Your Bussolyft procedure will be performed by Dr. Cristyn Watkins. This is a highly advanced non-surgical procedure, and she only performs this procedure to provide patients with the best results. 

Q: Is Bussolyft a good treatment for me?

A: Bussolyft is a non-surgical procedure that works for almost anyone who wants to lift their neck, jowls, and cheeks. However, patients with severe sagging skin or excess neck fat might not see much of a difference after this treatment. In such cases, patients are advised to undergo plastic surgery instead. Consult with us today to find out if you’re a good candidate for this unique treatment.

Choose aNu Aesthetics and Optimal Wellness for Safe and Effective Bussolyft Treatments

Interested patients from Kansas City and other nearby areas who want to experience one-of-a-kind Bussolyft procedures are only one call away from aNu Aesthetics and Optimal Wellness. Led by Dr. Watkins, you can be assured we have the right tools and knowledge to safely perform Bussolyft treatments and help patients restore volume loss and achieve a youthful appearance – all without the need for plastic surgery.

Start your journey to a more beautiful you and learn more about Bussolyft by booking an appointment with us today. Just get in touch with us by calling our staff or visiting our office at the North and River Market during weekdays. 

Experience Maximum Rejuvenation With Skin Treatments at aNu Aesthetics and Optimal Wellness