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Weight Loss Success Is Possible With aNū! Kansas City, MO

We’ve made it to a brand new year! That alone is an achievement worth patting yourself on the back for, but the team at aNū Aesthetics & Optimal Wellness is dedicated to helping you reward yourself with long term wellness and the nearly endless benefits that come with it. One of our most effective wellness programs is medical weight loss, because this fully customizable treatment can help you feel better than you could have ever imagined! If you’re not sure what this treatment entails, don’t worry. Most people don’t know, and it can even vary depending on where you go. When you come to aNū to discover optimal wellness, you can feel confident that you are receiving top-quality care from experienced, highly skilled staff — and you’ll be able to enjoy the results to prove it!

If you’re ready for aNū you, don’t wait!

Our annual Detox with the Doc event is happening on Jan. 6 at 5:30 p.m. at our North location and you’re invited! Join Dr. Cristyn Watkins as she discusses detox, medical weight loss and peptides so you can take total control of your health in 2021. Guests will even enjoy event-only discounts on peptides and detox packages! Simply call 816.359.3310 today to RSVP.

Here’s what you should know about medical weight loss in Kansas City and the life-changing benefits that are possible!

Our medical weight loss programs are designed to fit your unique needs and weight loss goals, and to ensure that you achieve and maintain them for the long term. The aNū weight management program provides:
● High-grade supplements
● Assistance with nutrition and exercise plans
● FDA-approved prescription weight loss medications, peptides
● Weekly office check-in with a medical assistant or nurse. This includes body composition analysis, measurement of blood pressure, a Turbo or B12 shot and infrared sauna.

The safest and most effective way for you to control your weight is through a program custom-designed specifically for you. We know that successful weight management and good health can both be achieved through a combination approach including proper nutrition, exercise and behavior modification, and we have the skills and the resources to help you make these long-term lifestyle changes.

Whether you have 10 pounds or 100 pounds to lose, or anything in between, we have a variety of options to help you find success. Our medical weight loss packages include:
Package #1: Two-Week Detox and Medical Weight Loss Package
Package #2: Growth Hormone (Peptide) Weight Loss Package

This month, at the start of a fresh new year, is the perfect time to try medical weight loss with aNū because we are offering a weight loss special! Throughout January, you can enjoy these deals:
● $100 off our $699 medical weight loss program
● $200 off our $1,099 medical weight loss program

Call us today at 816.359.3310 to learn more about our medical weight loss packages or request a consultation online!

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