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Is Vivace RF Microneedling Permanent?

With all the cosmetic treatments available now on the market, we certainly wonder if the new technology we see is effective and safe for our use. We also consider the value of the cosmetic procedure for our money, in that we want to know if it provides a lasting improvement on the appearance of wrinkles and other skin imperfections, and if additional treatments would be required for its maintenance.

So is Vivace RF microneedling permanent? The results of Vivace RF microneedling aren’t permanent because maintenance treatments are necessary to touch up the results of this treatment. But through constant sessions, you can maintain the youthful appearance that this minimally-invasive treatment can give you. 

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How Long Does Vivace RF Microneedling Last?

The advanced skincare benefits provided by the Vivace RF microneedling aren’t permanent, precisely because of the continuous aging process that we’ll all go through. Specifically, the collagen production of a person decreases as they age, leading to a decrease in skin tightness that manifests as wrinkles and fine lines. 

It is thus important that maintenance treatments be done to maintain the results of the procedure. A treatment plan must be arranged between you and your healthcare provider, where treatment sessions shall be arranged 1-2 times per year for optimum results.

How Long Before Visible Results From Vivace RF Microneedling Can Be Seen?

It takes at least 3-4 months before visible results from Vivace RF microneedling can be seen. Moreover, a series of 3-6 treatments at 4 weekly intervals must be arranged to achieve the desired results. These estimates may vary depending on the severity of the skin problem and the response of the patient to the treatment procedure.

Safety of Vivace RF Microneedling

Aside from knowing whether or not Vivace radiofrequency microneedling is a life-long treatment, it’s also important to put into consideration the safety of this RF treatment in terms of whether or not you’re an ideal candidate for it, its possible side effects, and the pre-and post-care tips to minimize side effects and make its effects longer-lasting.

Ideal Candidates for Vivace RF Microneedling

Ideal candidates for Vivace RF microneedling are those who desire to address their skin imperfections through this procedure, such as by considering it as skin rejuvenation, scar reduction, or an anti-acne treatment. It can even be used against hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating of the body even without strenuous activity.

However, not all people can undergo this treatment even when performed by a medical professional, because of certain conditions such as previous herpetic infection because the radiofrequency energy has a risk of reactivating the cold sores.

It also can’t be undergone by patients with a medical history of cardiovascular diseases, impairments in wound healing, and other autoimmune diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus. Those that have allergic reactions to the numbing cream used can’t undergo this procedure as well.

Side Effects of Vivace RF Microneedling

Like all minimally-invasive procedures, Vivace RF microneedling produces mild side effects, given that the patient is an ideal candidate for this cosmetic procedure and the provider who’s performing the procedure is highly skilled in doing so. 

Some possible side effects include mild redness, bruising, swelling, and hyper- or hypopigmentation in the treated area. These side effects go away on their own and usually resolve within 4 weeks.

Pre- And Post-Care Tips

When not taken care of properly, infections, prolonged healing, and scarring may occur in the area where the procedure was done so it’s best to follow pre-and post-care tips to avoid these adverse effects. 

It’s advised to cleanse the face with facial foam cleanser and 70% alcohol prior to the procedure and to take prophylactic antiviral medication to prevent the triggering of cold sores, should it happen that the patient is unaware that they have a previous herpetic infection. 

After the procedure, the patient should be advised not to wash their face for a day and to apply topical antibiotics as prescribed. Direct sun exposure should also be avoided and SPF30 or greater should be applied especially to the area where the procedure was done.

Effectiveness of Vivace RF Microneedling

The safety and effectiveness of Vivace RF microneedling are ensured especially because it’s FDA-approved. This minimally-invasive procedure works by combining the principle of traditional microneedling with radiofrequency energy, which inflicts micro-injuries to the dermal layer of the skin, ultimately leading to dermal remodeling.

Through these micro-injuries, an inflammatory cascade is stimulated to occur wherein the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid are induced. Growth factors and inflammatory cytokines are stimulated to be produced, contributing to the accelerated wound healing of the areas where the procedure is administered.

Combination Treatment Options for Vivace RF Microneedling

The Vivace RF microneedling treatment is an ideal treatment to be combined with another available treatment of skin imperfections. For better results, the Vivace Experience is best combined with another skin rejuvenation treatment that can maximize the natural production of collagen and improve the visible manifestations of skin damage. Possible treatment combinations include:

  • Vivace + PicoSure Treatments where the radiofrequency from Vivace is combined with the laser from PicoSure to stimulate collagen production;
  • Vivace + Tetra CO2 CoolPeel Treatments where the combination of treatment of radiofrequency from Vivace and CO2 laser from CoolPeel can also provide optimum stimulation of collagen production;
  • Vivace + Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatments where the collagen production is more effectively stimulated by the growth factors from platelet-rich plasma and the radiofrequency treatments from Vivace.

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Collagen production in the body continues to deteriorate upon aging so, despite the effectiveness of Vivace RF Microneedling in terms of improving your facial wrinkles and other aesthetic goals, maintenance treatments are still necessary to make its effects long-lasting.

At aNu Aesthetics, our team of aesthetic providers headed by Dr. Cristyn Watkins is trained in providing chemical-based treatments or otherwise. We’re an experienced team of professionals that can help you get a treatment plan that’s tailor-fit to your needs,  and provide excellent results. Contact and book an appointment online.

Heal Your Face Like Never Before With microNeedling

Rejuvenate and heal your face with the technique proven time and time again to provide maximum regenerative results: microneedling. Call us today to book your microneedling appointment at aNu Aesthetics.


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