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How Much Does Vivace RF Microneedling Cost?

RF microneedling treatments are becoming more popular because of their unmatched skin rejuvenation results. But before undergoing the procedure, the cost of treatment is one of the most important things to consider so you can decide if it’s worth spending your hard-earned money for.

So how much do Vivace RF microneedling treatments usually cost? Most patients spend an average of $850 for their Vivace RF microneedling. However, the exact cost varies per patient because of different factors like the provider’s experience, location of the clinic, type of RF microneedling machine used, number of required treatments, and the complementary treatments added to the procedure. 

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Rejuvenate and heal your face with the technique proven time and time again to provide maximum regenerative results: microneedling. Call us today to book your microneedling appointment at aNu Aesthetics.

The Cost of Skin Rejuvenation with Vivace RF Microneedling

Radiofrequency microneedling is a collagen induction therapy that tightens the skin and eliminates a wide range of common skin conditions like wrinkles, fine lines, and acne scars. It also corrects the uneven skin tone and improves the overall skin texture.

RF microneedling treatment works by creating micro incisions on the skin to trigger the natural healing process. The gold-tipped needles of the RF device heat the deeper layers of the skin to boost the natural production of collagen. This facial treatment offers excellent results while being virtually pain-free, making it the preferred option over laser treatments.

Although many studies prove its effectiveness, many people are still on the bench about getting this type of treatment because of its price. 

What Exactly Are You Paying For?

The average cost of a Vivace RF microneedling session is $850, but it can go up depending on the patient’s individual needs. The only way to know the exact price of this skin rejuvenation treatment for you is to consult a trusted provider since there are lots of factors to consider like: 

  • Provider’s Experience

The success of the treatment and quality of the results of Vivace RF microneedling heavily depends on how experienced the provider is. Most dermatologists, aestheticians, and other beauty experts who already performed the treatment dozens of times before may cost more than others, but patients are more likely to achieve the results they want safely and effectively with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Although it’s tempting to take a chance on a provider that offers the treatment at a lower cost, you might end up with side effects. Treating these complications might cost more than a Vivace RF microneedling treatment from an experienced provider, so it’s better to have a board-certified plastic surgeon or experienced provider who knows what they’re doing perform the procedure. 

  • Location of the Clinic

Some treatments have lower costs in some places because of the differences in accessibility. Urban areas with dense populations usually have clinics that offer more expensive RF treatments than those in rural areas with sparse populations. One way to cut down on the cost of treatment is to compare the prices from different areas and find the best deals. 

  • Type of Machine Used

Not all RF microneedling devices are made equal. Since Vivace RF microneedling uses highly advanced technology to provide customized treatments and better results, it’s not surprising that it’s on the more expensive end of the cost spectrum.

But the good news is that Vivace RF microneedling technology gives patients firmer, tighter, and younger-looking skin with less pain and fewer treatment sessions involved. Depending on the patient’s situation, the overall cost of this high-end treatment might even be lower than other RF microneedling procedures that require more touch-up treatments. 

  • Number of Treatments

Most patients need a series of treatments to achieve superior, natural-looking results. Since the cost of this procedure is priced per session, patients with severe skin complexion issues like hyperpigmentation and acne scars can expect to spend more on the higher number of recommended Vivace microneedling treatments.

There’s also the maintenance treatment to consider for patients who were satisfied with the results of their first Vivace RF microneedling procedure. The results of the treatment are permanent, but it doesn’t stop the skin’s aging process. Patients are often given aftercare instructions and advised to return to the skin clinic every few months to maintain their youthful glow. 

  • Complementary Treatments

Vivace RF microneedling is a revolutionary treatment that solves several common skin conditions at once. Since this treatment is only minimally invasive, many aestheticians and providers recommend getting additional skin rejuvenation treatments like PRP therapy, LED light therapy, and serums and peptides to achieve better results. Patients need to pay more for the extra services, but the results are definitely worth spending on. 

Is It Covered By Insurance?

Like most cosmetic procedures, Vivace RF microneedling isn’t usually covered by insurance so patients have to pay everything out of their pocket to receive the treatment. The good news is that many med spas and beauty clinics offer package deals for this type of noninvasive treatment. Just make sure to talk to different providers first to find the best deals for you. 

Comparing the Cost of Vivace Vs. Other Treatments

Vivace treatments are only one of the many types of radiofrequency microneedling procedures available today. If you’re considering a similar treatment with almost the same results, here are other options to look at:

  • Secret RF Microneedling – This type of microneedling with RF energy is utilized for the faces and large treatment areas. The average cost depends on the size of treatment areas: $500 for small areas with stretch marks and other similar problems while the face and large body areas start at $1000 per session.
  • Morpheus8 RF Microneedling – This RF microneedling procedure is one of the more popular treatments for the face and body. The average cost per treatment session can be as low as $550 for small body areas and $950 for the face, neck, and chest. 

Is Vivace RF Microneedling Worth It?

Vivace RF microneedling device utilizes highly-advanced technology to rejuvenate the skin and restore the patient’s youthful appearance. Microneedling by itself is already a great skin tightening and rejuvenating treatment, but combining it with radiofrequency waves to stimulate collagen production and tighten the deeper layer of the skin only takes the powerful treatment to a whole new level.

If you think anti-aging creams and other skincare products aren’t enough to erase facial wrinkles, frown lines, acne scarring, and other skin issues, then Vivace RF microneedling is definitely an effective treatment worth trying. It’s also useful in reducing the visible pore size, evening skin tones, and improving the absorption of treatment serum.

This cosmetic treatment gives you the smooth, radiant, and wrinkle-free skin you’re looking for without the hassle of plastic surgery or tons of skincare products. Patients experience light pressure and discomfort on their skin with this procedure, but providers may offer a numbing cream to make the treatment session a lot more comfortable. 

Treat Your Skin with RF Microneedling at aNu Aesthetics

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aNu Aesthetics is a trusted beauty and wellness clinic that provides patient-centric care and exceptional treatments to help you enhance your features and restore your self-confidence. Before your RF microneedling treatment with us, we’ll perform a consultation first and design a personalized treatment plan to help you get longer-lasting results.

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Heal Your Face Like Never Before With microNeedling

Rejuvenate and heal your face with the technique proven time and time again to provide maximum regenerative results: microneedling. Call us today to book your microneedling appointment at aNu Aesthetics.


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