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What Is Wellness Medicine? Kansas City, MO

Are you finding it hard to age gracefully? In other words, is the weight scale slowly creeping up as your energy lags, your brain goes foggy, your libido goes on hiatus and your mood tanks? If you can say yes to any or all of these symptoms, it may be time to come in for a wellness workup at aNu Aesthetics and Optimal Wellness!

There’s a reason why “Optimal Wellness” is part of our practice’s name! Here at aNu, we are passionate about helping you live your fullest life, and that means getting to the root cause of your health problems — rather than just putting a palliative bandage on the surface like traditional medicine — so you can achieve optimal wellness for the long-term!

How do we help you achieve optimal wellness?

Every person is different. Any imbalance in your body can result from any number of factors, including inflammation, bacteria, viruses, toxins, anxiety and poor diet. To determine the root causes for your imbalance, we will work closely with you to obtain a thorough and complete medical history, including your symptoms, lifestyle, stressors, medical needs and any other aspects of your total body health. This initial wellness consultation will take about an hour and a half, much longer than most traditional doctor visits. Your second visit will take another hour and a half, after we’ve received the results of your testing and have developed your personal wellness regimen.

Frequent check-ins are key (and adjustments may be necessary).

Obviously, wellness medicine is not a one-and-done treatment. We consider it a long-term partnership with you involving follow-up visits to see how your body is responding to your wellness regimen. Sometimes adjustments are needed because every person responds differently to treatments. What works for one person may not suit another, so we will carefully follow your progress along the way to make adjustments as needed.

Costs are up front, never a surprise!

Wellness medicine is not covered by insurance, which is set up for maximum profits by incentivizing short office visits and quick-fix drug prescriptions to treat symptoms, not heal the root causes for ailments. Here at aNu, we believe that every person deserves optimal wellness, and we are committed to providing the highest level of care we can to help you get there. While we do not take insurance, all our wellness costs are clearly posted on our website and our office brochures so you know exactly what to expect for every visit. We also happily provide receipts in the event a certain treatment is covered by your insurance and you would like to submit it for reimbursement.

To help you achieve optimal wellness, we address your total body health, and that takes a commitment from the both of us! Are you ready to partner with us on your path to optimal wellness? You are in good hands! Dr. Watkins is board-certified in Family Medicine and was Chief Resident and Most Honored Resident of Family Medicine at her training program. She is also Board Certified and Fellow of Integrative, Metabolic, and Nutrition Medicine with the School of Medicine and Health Sciences of George Washington University. She focuses her entire practice on advanced medical aesthetics, regenerative medicine, healthy aging and personalized wellness medicine.

To learn more about wellness medicine at aNu, please call 816.359.3310 or complete our consultation request form online today.

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