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Healing Summer Skin Damage ASAP (With NO Downtime)! Kansas City, MO

Even if you’re diligent about applying sunscreen daily, chances are you got more sun than you care to admit this summer. Unless you live in a cave and never ever leave that cave, you’ve been exposed to UV rays because, frankly, they’re everywhere, penetrating through windows and clouds, bouncing off snow and water. Fortunately, sunscreen is proven to prevent most UV damage. For the little that does get through, we have tools here aNū that help you hit the refresh button on your complexion. Best of all, these solutions can revitalize your skin without a moment of downtime.


This relaxing skin resurfacing treatment helps polish the surface of your skin and reveal a healthy glow. Using patented vortex suction and water, HydraFacial gently removes dead skin and debris from the surface of your skin, priming your dermis for optimal absorption of hydrating and nourishing serums for a renewed and youthful vibrance.

In addition to enjoying smoother skin, HydraFacial can also help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, correct hyperpigmentation, deep-clean pores, correct uneven skin tone, improve or clear blemishes and more! Suitable for all skin types, a typical treatment lasts about 30 minutes, and there’s zero downtime.

LightStim LED light therapy

The all-natural healing power of light is an attractive option for revitalizing your complexion and other benefits without downtime. Many of our clients cleverly maximize their treatment time by combining LED light therapy with another treatment! You can revitalize your skin, for example, while undergoing IV infusion therapy or another service. We proudly offer LightStim LED therapy for treating acne, signs of aging like wrinkles, and soothing pain/injuries. As your body absorbs LED light, it converts it into energy, stimulating your skin’s natural healing response. LED light is free from damaging UV rays, so it’s able to stimulate renewal without any of the negative effects we associate with the sun. LightStim LED therapy can be administered in our office, but we also offer at-home, handheld LightStim devices. Different types of light help different concerns. For example, acne is treated with blue light to kill acne-causing bacteria. For wrinkles, red light is used to stimulate new collagen growth.

IPL Photofacial

Last, but far from least, IPL stands for intense pulsed light, and this famous treatment helps stimulate skin renewal without any downtime. IPL photofacials are the gold standard for correcting common pigmentation irregularities, including age spots, sun spots, freckles and brown spots. Photofacials are also effective at fading redness and small veins. Best of all, IPL stimulates new collagen and elastin growth, so you’re improving the strength and health of your skin with routine treatments over the long term. We love IPL photofacials as an addition to your skin care regimen. Many of our clients schedule seasonal treatments to reverse sun damage and correct their complexion concerns throughout the year.

Are you ready to reveal your inner radiance? We are ready to help! To learn more about our advanced skin rejuvenation selection, please call 816-359-3310 or request a consultation online today!

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