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What Are The Pros and Cons of Morpheus8?

Morpheus8 is a new cosmetic procedure that uses radiofrequency energy and a microneedling-like device to give patients a more youthful appearance. From tightening loose skin to addressing visible stretch marks, Morpheus8 boasts multiple benefits to whoever receives the treatment, though it’s not without its risks. 

So what are the pros and cons of the Mopheus8 treatment? While this treatment has a wide range of benefits, its main advantage is helping you achieve younger and better-looking skin by boosting collagen production and addressing visible signs of aging. However, like any laser treatment, Morpheus8 has some post-procedure risks that include redness, swelling, and bruising for a couple of days. 

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Morpheus8 Benefits

Morpheus8 is a great cosmetic treatment that can give you visible results shortly after the initial procedure. However, to fully see all its benefits, you’ll need around 2 to 3 sessions of the treatment. 

This is so that the RF energy transmitted by Morpheus8 treatment can penetrate the deeper layers of your skin and can give you longer-lasting results. Once you’ve gone through all the sessions of Morpheus8, these are just some of the benefits you’ll notice:

1) Good Non-Surgical Option

With its use of microneedling and radiofrequency technologies, Morpheus8 is known to promote the body’s natural healing and cell turnover process as well as boost collagen. How this works is the device used to conduct the treatment makes microlesions on your skin’s surface and triggers your body to naturally heal itself. 

Because of this, collagen production is naturally boosted. With more collagen in your skin, loose skin or sagging areas of your body will be less visible, giving you a tighter, more refreshed, youthful look.. 

This gives most people the look of a facelift even if they haven’t gotten surgery. While the results may differ slightly, Morpheus8 does visibly lift your face and facial features providing you with similar results. If you have been wanting a facelift but would rather not go through any invasive surgical procedure, Morpheus8 is a great alternative.   

2) Treats Active Acne

In addition to giving you a facelift, Morpheus8 can also help treat active acne breakouts and help you achieve clearer skin. The RF energy used in Mopheous8 treatments is able to kill acne-causing bacteria on your skin’s surface thanks to the heat and light it emits. 

Additionally, Morpheus8 also affects the oil glands found on your skin. After your treatment sessions, your oil glands will shrink and cause your skin to produce less oil. This won’t only help treat your current skin issues but will also prevent future breakouts. 

While it won’t clear your skin in a single treatment, it still can give you the results that you want with consistent sessions and good aftercare practices. You can consult your doctor for customized treatment plans with Morpheus8 to more effectively treat your acne. 

3) Removes Visible Acne Scars

Similar to microneedling, Morpheus8 can help remove acne scars. However, with the innovative technology integrated into the Morpheus8 treatments, you can consider this a much stronger treatment. 

Promoting the skin’s natural cell turnover, Morpheus8 can be considered as one of the most effective skin resurfacing treatments available. With the microlesions created on your skin, your body is naturally going to try and heal these superficial injuries. 

With the boosting skin turnover and healing growth factors, your visible scars are likely to fade after the initial treatment series has been completed.

4) Boosts Collagen Production

As mentioned earlier, Morpheus8 can boost the natural production of collagen in your body. While this does result in the appearance of a lifted face, having more collagen in your body has a slew of other benefits. 

Aside from creating denser and fuller skin, collagen can also boost things like overall skin health and hair growth, as well as diminish fine lines and wrinkles. As collagen is considered the building block of our skin, promoting natural collagen production is always beneficial.

5) Has Minimal Downtime

After your treatment sessions of Morpheus8, you should be able to return to your regular schedule days after treatment. While you may experience some slight redness, bruising, or swelling after your treatment, these side effects should disappear within 2 days. 

At most, these side effects could last for up to 2 weeks, but shouldn’t cause any severe discomfort throughout the recovery period. Morpheus8 is a safe option for all skin types, but each person is expected to react differently to it. 

Any side effects between the first 48 hours to the next 2 weeks after treatment is perfectly normal. If side effects last longer, contact your dermatologist immediately and have it examined and treated. 

6) Long-lasting Results

While Morpheus8 treatment results aren’t permanent, they do last quite a long time. After the initial cycle of your treatments, you should be able to see the benefits of the treatment for 1 to 3 years. 

To keep your good skin condition, you can get yearly maintenance treatments. But even if this treatment does require a touch-up every once in a while, the results it gives are still a relatively low maintenance option compared to other procedures. 

Morpheus8 Cons

Microneedling radiofrequency device illustration

Just like any other skin treatment, Morpheus8 isn’t without any drawbacks. While it offers a slew of benefits, a few disadvantages also come with getting a Morpheus8 treatment. Some of these include temporary pause on certain day-to-day activities and side effects that only happen under untrained hands. 

1)  Burns

While very unlikely to happen, one of the cons of Morpheus8 is that it could potentially cause burn injuries to your skin. If done incorrectly, the heat from the treatment device could cause potential damage to the surface of your skin or even the deepest layers of the treatment area. 

Before your treatment, your dermatologist should assess your skin condition to see if you’re suitable for this treatment. If your doctor sees anything that may be a cause of concern, they may suggest other treatments as an alternative to ensure your safety. 

Booking with a trained medical professional is the best way to avoid this. Make sure that your clinic or med spa of choice has good reviews, a solid reputation, and a history of successful treatments and operations through the years.

2) No Tanning

Morpheus8 is a non-invasive procedure that’s safe for all skin types as long as you don’t have other medical skin issues. The only downside to Morpheous8 is that you can’t get the treatment if you’re either sunburned or plan to go tanning anytime soon. 

With the heat needed to conduct the treatment, it’s not advisable for anyone with sun damage or a tanning habit to seek this treatment as it’ll cause damage to your skin. If you come in for your appointment with sun damage, it’s likely that your doctor will turn you away.

Aside from these two things, there are very minimal cons to Morpheus8 treatments. However, to ensure the health of your skin, please consult your doctor and make sure if this is a suitable treatment for you. 

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Get Younger Looking Skin With Morpheus8 Treatments at aNu Aesthetics

Morpheus8 is a safe and beneficial treatment for anyone looking to improve the appearance of their skin. While there are a few cons associated with the procedure, getting the treatment done by professionals like our team at aNu Aesthetics will leave you with all the benefits you want and none of the risks from substandard procedures. 

aNu Aesthetics ensures the safety, effectiveness, and longevity of our treatments, given that you follow our recommended aftercare practices and maintenance sessions, so that you can get the results you want without any worries. To find out about our Morpheus8 treatments and other services, contact us today at (816) 670-4406.

Heal Your Face Like Never Before With MicroNeedling

Rejuvenate and heal your face with the technique proven time and time again to provide maximum regenerative results: microneedling. Call us today to book your microneedling appointment at aNu Aesthetics.


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