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Can Morpheus8 Help With Active Acne?

Having acne is a struggle most people will face at some point in their life. While it’s not exactly hazardous to your physical health, active acne, as well as acne scars, will often take a toll on people’s confidence and self-image. With this being such a common problem, doctors and dermatologists have been developing anti-acne treatments for years with some faring better than others, like Morpheus8.

So can Morpheus8 really help alleviate the appearance of active acne? The short answer is yes. While Morpheus8 is a procedure that uses radiofrequency micro-needling techniques and is more commonly associated with treating acne scars, it has been proven to also help treat active acne quite effectively. 

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Morpheus8 As A Treatment For Active Acne

Morpheus8 is a newer treatment for acne that uses the latest radiofrequency micro-needling technology to address your acne concerns. While it’s more popular as an acne scar treatment, the radiofrequency used in the treatment can also address active acne breakouts at its root. 

Acne can be caused by multiple things like dirt, dead skin, oil, and bacteria and if left untreated could become a chronic skin condition. To address these causes, radiofrequency is used by the Morpheus8 treatment to not only kill any bacteria on your skin surface but it will also reduce the size of your oil glands resulting in less oil production. 

Benefits of Morpheus8 

Morpheus8 is an effective treatment in treating acne and so much more. With its use of radiofrequency technology, Morpheus8 is a groundbreaking facial treatment that can help you achieve many of your skin goals whatever they may be. While your doctor or dermatologist will discuss the pros and cons of Morpheus8, here are just some of the treatment’s key benefits:

1) Reduced amount of breakouts

While there’s a multitude of benefits from having a morpheus8 treatment done, the number one benefit for those prone to acne is that this treatment will reduce the chances of your skin developing more acne and experiencing long breakouts. 

As mentioned, Morpheus8 used radiofrequency energy to kill the acne-causing bacteria on your skin and reduce the size of your oil glands as well. With some of the main reasons for acne to occur being addressed, Morpheus8 is likely to leave you with an improved skin complexion free from breakouts once the treatment takes full effect. 

2) Boosted collagen production for a more youthful appearance

Another benefit of Morpheus8 is that it boosts collagen production within your body. Thanks to the RF energy used in this treatment, deeper layers of your skin cells can be reached and in turn, causes your body to create more collagen. 

With an increase in collagen levels, it’s likely for you to see some skin tightening and removal of loose skin in the treated area. You may also notice that some of your fine lines and wrinkles are visibly less noticeable thanks to the added collagen. 

Overall, Morpheus8 can help you get smoother skin and a refreshed, more youthful appearance. 

3) A painless and quick procedure

While there are other treatments out there that have been proven to work against acne, these treatments often take some time to become effective. A good example of popular acne treatments include oral medication, but that can take a series of several medication cycles over a couple of months at best. 

With Morpheus8, the entire treatment takes roughly an hour and it’s painless for most. Even if  you’ll need to come in for two more sessions after the initial consultation and treatment, you should see some benefits to your skin immediately. 

4) Suited for all skin types

Morpheus8 was designed to be suitable for all skin types. While most people believe that active acne is only experienced by people with oily skin, this is simply not true. Regardless of your skin type, you can develop cystic acne and have some texture in turn. 

During your initial consultation, your dermatologist will take your skin type into account and make minor adjustments so that the treatment best suits your skin issues. 

Things to Know Before Getting Morpheus8 Treatment

Morpheus8 device

Whether it’s your first time or not, it’s always good to be fully prepared prior to your Morpheus8 treatment. Take note of the right post-procedure practices so that you can recover as fast and as safely as possible while maintaining the longevity of your results. Consult with your dermatologist for more in-depth explanations and additional tips for your skin.

1) Post-procedure care and recovery period

As a non-invasive treatment, the recovery time for Morpheus8 is relatively short. Aside from some redness, bruising, or swelling, the treatment shouldn’t cause any kinds of scars or permanent damage to the visible skin. 

After your treatment, it’s also advisable to stay away from direct sunlight and use a broad-spectrum sunscreen to help minimize the side effects for the first couple of days. 

Depending on how fast your skin naturally heals, you may have a downtime of anywhere between 2 days to 2 weeks. After you have recovered from your first treatment, you can book your next appointment 4 to 6 weeks after. 

2) Longevity of results

Once you’ve completed the recommended amount of Morpheus8 treatments, the results on your active acne and overall skin should last around 1 to 3 years. 

The treatment lasts this long because the radiofrequency waves deeply penetrate your skin, making Morpheus8 far more effective than any surface-level treatment. 

While it’ll slowly fade throughout the years, you can maintain the results by having additional treatments every 6 to 12 months. If you’re not too concerned by the results slightly fading then you can wait a full 3 years before having another Morpheus8 treatment. 

Treat Your Active Acne and Other Skin Concerns at aNu Aesthetics

Morpheus8 is a new non-invasive treatment that can target and treat acne-prone skin. Suitable for all skin types, it uses radiofrequency to minimize oil production and kill bacteria causing breakouts and blemishes on your skin. Morpheus8 has been known to improve the appearance of loose skin, acne scars, and wrinkles, making it an all-around great treatment if done correctly. 

Here at aNu Aesthetics, our team of experts and professionals are trained to give you not only the best experience during your Morpheus8 treatment but also give you quality results that last. To find out more regarding the Morpheus8 treatment and our other services, contact us today at (816) 670-4406.

Heal Your Face Like Never Before With MicroNeedling

Rejuvenate and heal your face with the technique proven time and time again to provide maximum regenerative results: microneedling. Call us today to book your microneedling appointment at aNu Aesthetics.


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