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What Is Biologics Therapy?

One of the most promising developing medical technologies has been in circulation for quite some time. Literally. Biologics are tiny molecular bubbles freely circulating within the bloodstream of every living human. The team at aNu Aesthetics™ & Optimal Wellness in Kansas City, Missouri offers effective therapy using these molecules.

Exciting Biologics Exploration

Scientists and researchers have known about biologics for decades. These lipid vesicles were thought to be used by the body merely to carry away and dispose of unneeded proteins and nucleic acids. Newer research has revealed that they are not merely analogous to internal “trash bags” carrying waste along the way out: biologics also carry genetic material and are essential to intercellular communication, both good and bad.

With research, biologics were revealed to transfer messenger RNAs to make proteins and microRNAs to regulate gene expression and were subsequently heavily implicated in diseases like Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and even cancer. Like little packages of bad news, they pass from cell to cell. Biotech researchers often refer to the circulation of biologics as a “messenger system.” If that system can be used to spread bad news, so to speak, could it then possibly spread good news?

The Good News and the Good News

Good News

Biologic sare poised on the brink of delivery of therapeutic drugs at the cellular level for many conditions, including chronic inflammation, autoimmune disorders, and Lyme disease.

More Good News

Biologics therapy shows great promise in both the reversal of degenerative conditions and the prevention of degeneration. There may not be a Fountain of Youth, but this exciting new therapy option may well be the next best thing. Biologics could be used to reverse most, if not all, conditions associated with aging by simply reprogramming the cell to its “default” setting, i.e. “younger”.

Biologics: Science Fiction or Science Fact?

They are science fact, as decades of medical research shows. Biologics therapy, although still in its infancy, is already in use under controlled settings and has been effective in the reduction of symptoms associated with arthritis and in the rapid recovery of sports injuries.

Known Benefits Include:

  • Immune system optimization
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Cell regeneration
  • Improved cell communication

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Who would have believed that microscopic fat globules that have always been right under our noses could be the remedy for so many things? Stranger things have happened. Biologics could be the reset button for our genes. The ability to reprogram the body, cell by cell, with positive traits — traits associated with youth and health — could be an injection away. Call aNu Aesthetics™ in Kansas City, MO now to ask about exciting new developments in Regenerative therapy. What do you have to lose but your old cells?

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