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The air we breathe is essential for life, yet it often contains unwanted junk like allergens, germs, and grim. If poor quality air is making you feel unwell, it may be time for an upgrade.

Meet the Stratus 3.0 Ozone Generator – the most advanced air purifier you can own without a prescription.

What is the Stratus 3.0 Ozone Generator?

The Stratus 3.0 Ozone Generator is a little gadget that can make a huge difference in your air quality and health. 

It uses advanced ozone technology to produce on-demand cleansing ozone, which eliminates pathogens and pollutants from the air you breathe every day.

With a snap of the button, the Stratus 3.0 can transform so-so air into crisp, fresh air – just like nature intended.

This Isn’t Your Average Air Purifier

The Stratus 3.0 isn’t just any run-of-the-mill air cleaner. While basic filters leave gaps for nasties to sneak through, the Stratus 3.0 provides containment and eradication at a microscopic level.  

Our ozone works tirelessly in the background, 24/7, to make your air spick and span from common allergens to stubborn odors.

Can You Really Put a Price on Clean Air?

With the Stratus 3.0, you won’t have to choose between affordability and effectiveness.  Despite its advanced tech, it remains surprisingly affordable, especially considering what clean air can do for your health, mood, focus and sleep.  

Each breath you take is an opportunity to nourish your lungs and energize your body and mind. With our Stratus 3.0 by your side, that opportunity is one you won’t want to miss.

Affordable, Effective Air Care

While most air purifiers stress expensive mechanical complexity, the Stratus 3.0 realizes affordable need not mean underperformance. 

Despite advanced, medicinal-grade ozone and high-tech sensors, the Stratus 3.0 is surprisingly budget-friendly. 

Every dollar goes into making air quality accessible, not inflating a premium brand image. At long last, you can have comprehensive air care that works as promised without damaging your wallet.

Home Ozone by SimplyO3

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Your Health, Your Wealth

The air you breathe has a significant impact on your health, well-being and quality of life. The Stratus 3.0 Ozone Generator is an advanced yet affordable solution for eliminated pollution and contaminants from the air in your home environments:

  • Easy to use: Step-by-step instructions are included to ensure easy setup and operation. The Stratus 3.0 is designed for straightforward use by homeowners.
  • Produces ultra-pure ozone: Constructed using only ozone-resistant materials and components guaranteed to generate 100% pure, contaminant-free ozone.
  • Advanced cold corona discharge technology: This advanced process economically generates high concentrations of ozone molecules for effective yet controlled disinfection and cleansing.
  • Lifetime warranty: Backed by a lifetime warranty and our dedication to quality and durability. We stand by the Stratus 3.0 and its ability to provide safe, effective air purification for years to come.
  • Risk-free purchase: A 6-month money-back guarantee provides the opportunity to experience the benefits of cleaner air at home for 180 days at no risk. If not fully satisfied for any reason, return the Stratus 3.0 for a prompt refund.
  • Complete and versatile kit: The kit includes everything needed to customize your ozone solution including tubing, diffuser stones, syringes, and bags for controlling and dispersing the ozone as needed. Additional accessories available for purchase.
  • Output: 10-75 ug/mL of ozone. Produces controlled bursts of ozone to effectively eliminate contaminants while maintaining safe, health-approved levels of 0.05 ppm or below.
  • Quiet operation: Less than 50 decibels, so the purifier runs quietly without disturbing background noise or sleep.
  • Environmentally-friendly: Ozone is a natural disinfectant that breaks down into harmless oxygen, leaving no toxic residues or pollution behind. It’s a green approach to air purification.
  • Global compatibility: Accepts 100-240V for worldwide use and plug-and-play convenience.

Click below to start breathing easier and living better. Your health and home atmosphere are worth the investment!

Home Ozone by SimplyO3

Use code ANU to get 10% OFF.