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Treat Spider Veins and Vascular Lesions with Vasculaze Treatment

Laser treatment for veins works by directing pulses of light on your unwanted veins that cause the vein to gradually fade and eventually disappear. The advantage to this, is that lasers are very accurate and affect the area only which is being treated. Hence, it is a very safe treatment. By visiting our medicalspa, you will find experts for laser vein treatment in North Kansas City.

Complete Understanding of Vasculaze

Vasculazeis the latest laser technology used primarily for spider vein treatment, but now is also used to remove other vascular lesions, which include angiomas, port wine stains, leg veins and telangiectasias. Lesions can be very visible, which means long and bulging or spider veins can be like lines or web.

It can help alleviate a wide array of facial and leg vein issues with the help of a laser. Vasculaze has a specifically designed head that pinpoints the vein or vein network and it makes the treatment safe and precise. It is targeted to treat the blood vessel causing the blemish. There is no exaggeration in saying that with Vasculaze, spider vein removal is now quicker, easier and undoubtedly more effective. This is because the Vasculaze laser sends light onto the vein, which makes the vein slowly fade and disappear. This prevents the need of unpleasant incisions and needles. Such treatment helps patients benefit from a fast and safe treatment.

Some common areas of Vasculaze treatment include face, arms, upper thighs, lower legs and back of thighs. Usually, three sessions are performed, but some lesions may require more sessions.


So, when it comes to laser vein treatment in Kansas City, by doing some research you can find the best medical clinic that includes certified laser technicians to give better results.

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