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Tis the Season to Plump Up the Volume & SAVE! Kansas City, MO

If you’re looking to hit the refresh button on your look, there’s no faster or easier way than dermal fillers. Hyaluronic acid (HA)-based fillers provide an immediate plumping and lifting effect for your skin, gently smoothing away lines and wrinkles and revitalizing your appearance within moments.

This month, to celebrate the holiday season, we’re offering a sale on Voluma® XC from the Juvéderm® family of fillers so you can fill those jolly cheeks! Voluma is formulated to replenish lost volume in the cheek area, but it can also be used to help add more definition to the jawline, revealing a slimmer and trimmer jaw. Versatile Voluma goes a long way to help refresh and revitalize your entire face, so that’s why we’re offering the following sale: Buy two Voluma syringes and get one syringe of Juvéderm FREE (must be used during a single visit).

While it seems like a lot of filler, our expert injectors know how to make the most of every drop to leave you looking and feeling amazing for this holiday season and beyond. Keep in mind that our discounts can be pre-purchased, so if you’re not ready to receive your injections, you can still secure our discounted rate and plan your treatments for a later time in the New Year.

Other injectables to consider

Sculptra® is a unique collagen-stimulating injectable that can help replenish lost volume in the face or buttocks. A lot of people aren’t aware that Sculptra can provide a non-surgical butt lift, but it’s a wonderful body contouring tool for certain candidates. For the face, Sculptra is a wonderful alternative to traditional dermal fillers because it helps replenish lost volume gradually with your body’s own production of new collagen, rather than providing immediate volume with hyaluronic acid. Call us to schedule your consultation and we can help you determine if Sculptra butt lifts or facial contouring are right for you.

To learn more about injectables here at aNū, please call 816-359-3310 or request a consultation online today. You can also email us at

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