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How PRP Hair Treatment Restores Your Hair

If you have been searching for a long-term solution to hair loss, then you might want to take a look at PRP therapy. This advanced treatment unlocks your body’s natural healing process and triggers the production of healthy hair follicles. PRP hair treatment is one of the safest cosmetic procedures on the market, and many of our patients notice startling improvements within a matter of weeks. Here is a closer look at how this style of therapy works and what you can expect during each of your treatments.

Understanding Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

PRP therapy was popularized a few decades ago when a team of doctors found it to be a great option for joint problems. These doctors were looking for a way to rebuild healthy tissue around a joint without replacing the joint entirely. After countless hours of research, they discovered that platelet-rich plasma can actually heal the soft tissue and repair damaged cells. Over time, researchers began using platelet-rich plasma to treat a wide variety of cosmetic issues ranging from acne scars to wrinkles.

When this substance is injected into the scalp in PRP hair treatment, it tells the body that the hair follicles have been damaged and need to be repaired. The body floods that area with white blood cells, growth factors, and other important molecules that stimulate the healing process. Even though this isn’t an immediate solution to hair loss and thinning hair, the results are often staggering. You might notice improvements after just a few weeks, and your hair could remain thick and beautiful for years as long as you continue to schedule follow-up appointments.

A Look at the Average PRP Appointment

Every patient has different needs, but most of these appointments follow the same few steps. As soon as you arrive at our office, one of our friendly team members will take a small sample of your blood. That blood is placed in a medical device known as a centrifuge to extract the PRP from all of the other components. Once we have a concentrated dose of the PRP serum, we can apply it to wherever it is needed the most.

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For more information on PRP hair treatment and what it may be able to do for you, we cordially welcome you to reach out and make an appointment with aNu Aesthetics & Optimal Wellness! At our convenient location in Kansas City, MO, our dedicated team of professionals will be happy to explain the process in greater detail, address any questions or concerns you may have, and help you regain your luscious head of locks. Contact us today to set up your consultation!

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