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PRP Breast Lift & PRP Butt Lift Treatments Are Here! Kansas City, MO

We love platelet-rich plasma (PRP) here at aNu, so much so that we are thrilled to officially expand our PRP menu with PRP Breast Lift and PRP Butt Lift with Dr. Cristyn Watkins in Kansas City. A concentrated portion of your very own blood, PRP is all-natural and autologous, meaning it comes from your very own body (so there’s virtually no risk of an allergic or other adverse reaction). PRP’s claim to fame is that it’s packed with revitalizing growth factors and healing properties which help speed healing and rejuvenate any area or aspect of the body, from the hair on your head (PRP Hair Restoration) to your complexion (Vampire Facelift® and Vampire Facial®) to your breasts (PRP Breast Lift) to your joints or athletic injuries (PRP Regenerative Therapy) to sexual rejuvenation (O-Shot and P-Shot) and so much more. We offer all of these PRP services at aNu!

So, what exactly is a PRP Breast or Butt Lift?

We’re glad you asked! In a nutshell, If you are interested in enhancing the contours of your breasts or buttocks but you’re also eager to avoid surgery and downtime, a PRP Breast Lift or PRP Butt Lift may be perfect for you.

Are you OK with more subtle, natural-looking results?

PRP Breast Lift and Butt Lift are all-natural treatments that are ideal for patients seeking natural-looking and subtle enhancements. Once PRP is injected into targeted areas of your breasts or buttocks, it goes to work boosting blood flow and triggering cellular regeneration, providing enhanced volume and lift where you want it. Since PRP revitalizes everything, you can also expect to see improvements to the texture and tone of your skin in treated areas. We can also target specific skin imperfections as needed in addition to enhancing volume.

If you want to go up a few cup sizes, keep reading!

Sorry to report, but if you’re intent on enhancing your appearance dramatically, PRP may not be the right treatment for you. PRP is an amazing treatment, but it’s not a replacement for the more drastic enhancements that are possible with breast implants or surgery. On the other hand, PRP is totally natural and involves little to no downtime or risk, so it’s hard to beat that!

What can you expect from a PRP Breast Lift or PRP Butt Lift?

We are happy to say that all our PRP treatments are surprisingly easy and efficient. From start to finish, you’ll spend no more than an hour in our office. First, we’ll draw your blood and spin it in a centrifuge to isolate the PRP, a process that takes only minutes. We will then inject PRP into targeted areas, and voila, your treatment is finished! Since PRP triggers new collagen and elastin growth, you’ll start noticing improvements gradually in the weeks and months following your treatment.

Interested in learning more about PRP Breast Lift or PRP Butt Lift? Please call us at 816.359-3310 or complete our consultation request form online today.

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