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Proudly Offering PRP for the Face in Kansas City

When it comes to health and beauty, you love to keep it all-natural. However, many of the beauty treatments on the market today rely on chemicals to enhance your skin. For one, all those facial fillers each contain a synthetic substance, which is why you’ve avoided them. Still, you know you could use a little help in reducing the signs of aging and improving the overall quality of your skin while still keeping things all-natural. And that’s why we proudly offer PRP for the face (otherwise known as the Vampire Facial) in Kansas City!

The Basics of PRP

Also known as platelet-rich plasma, PRP is a unique therapy that harnesses the power of your blood to rejuvenate your skin. The procedure begins with a routine blood draw. We will then put your blood into a high-tech centrifuge, which is capable of separating your blood into its different parts. What we really want is your platelet-rich plasma, because this part of your blood is full of healing ability. Made up of white blood cells and proteins called growth factors, platelet-rich plasma is responsible for initiating the healing response.

After we create a serum with your platelet-rich plasma, we will then inject it into the areas of your face you want to rejuvenate. PRP will work to stimulate the production of collagen, the protein responsible for the structural elasticity of the skin.

What Does PRP Treat?

Platelet-rich plasma is able to treat many of the signs of aging. We can target the deep lines on your forehead, the laugh lines around your mouth, the wrinkles around your eyes, and those around your nose. This treatment also can reduce the look of scars caused by acne, age spots, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and dark circles under the eyes. PRP will improve the totality of your skin, smoothing and tightening your face while also restoring lost facial volume.

The Other Benefits of PRP

One of the great benefits of PRP is the lack of any allergenic risk, as we use nothing other than your own blood. This method is also completely non-surgical, which spells a comfortable procedure with little to no downtime.

The treatment only takes between 30 minutes and an hour. You should see an improvement within a few days of your session, and because your skin will start making new collagen, your results will get better in the coming weeks and months. Multiple treatments may be required to achieve your desired goal, and the number of sessions you need can be determined at your initial consultation.

You can still keep your life all-natural and experience the great benefits of this revolutionary treatment. It is the perfect way to enhance your skin in a way that stays true to yourself. Don’t let the signs of aging get you down any longer. We proudly offer PRP for the face in Kansas City, so feel free to reach out and make an appointment with aNu Aesthetics & Optimal Wellness! At our office in Kansas City, MO, we will be happy to help you look as young as you feel. Contact us today to book your consultation!

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