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aNū MD Soothing Cleanser


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Hydrating   and   gentle,   sulfate   and   paraben-free   daily   cleanser   contains 11 botanical essential oils and extracts to cleanse, condition, invigorate  and  revitalize  sensitive  skin  leaving  it  soft,  smooth  and  supple. Light lathering protects the skin’s natural barrier, preventing it from excess drying of the skin. The botanical oils and extracts provide superior  antioxidant  protection  to  combat  against  environmental  stressors, such as free radicals and sun damage, that lead to prema-ture aging of the skin.

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  • Contains 11 botanical essential oils and extracts including: Clary Sage,
    Galanga and Aloe
  • Cleanses, conditions and invigorates sensitive skin leaving it soft,
    smooth and visibly younger looking
  • Hydrates skin with essential anti-aging nutrients
  • Cleanses dirt and impurities without irritation


Apply cleanser over wet face and work into lather. Rinse with water
and pat dry. Can be used twice daily or as directed by physician.