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Innovative PRP Hair Restoration Treatment in Kansas City

Experience a Hair Growth Treatment Plan Unlike Any Other at aNu Aesthetics and Optimal Wellness

What is PRP Hair Restoration and How Can It Help You?

Hair thinning and hair loss can be caused by a number of factors, with aging and genetics being one of the most common reasons. Over 40% of women report significant hair loss by their forties, while 85% of men do by the time they reach their fifties; that’s roughly 80 million people in the United States, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. This change in your hair growth is due to the changes in your body caused by genetics, hormones and aging, resulting in slower cell growth and reduced collagen production. 

During a PRP procedure, blood is extracted from your body, processed in a centrifuge to isolate the platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and then injected into your scalp. PRP injections for your scalp are a low-risk procedure as these products actually come from your own blood, unlike other injectable treatments. This means the risk of a reaction is extremely low. 

During a PRP hair restoration procedure, the PRP hair loss treatment promotes cell repair and cell growth in your scalp. Hair follicles that have shrunk with aging become larger and healthier, allowing it to grow hair. Hair cells are then triggered to begin its growth cycle, resulting in faster growth and increased hair thickness. 

Most medical spas and aesthetic practices that offer PRP hair restoration treatments provide this as a standalone service. At aNu Aesthetics and Optimal Wellness, PRP hair restoration is a comprehensive package that includes other hair growth-stimulating injections and treatments that can maximize each treatment to get the best results for hair growth. 

The Revolutionary Treatment Package to Maximize Your PRP Hair Restoration Treatment

Revive by aNu offers a variety of Regenerative Treatments to address aesthetic concerns, the wear and tear our bodies undergo, and sexual rejuvenation for men and women. 

Our revolutionary hair restoration treatment package is unlike any other hair growth treatment offered by aesthetic and dermatology practices in the US. Other practices simply provide PRP injections, using the recommended treatment period of three treatments six weeks apart. 


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At aNu Aesthetics and Optimal Wellness, our patients are treated with extensive procedures during their hair treatments. These include:

  • PRP injections with PepFactor –  on top of the PRP that promotes a healthier scalp and increases hair density, PepFactor consists of polypeptides that stimulate your scalp and block hormones associated with hair loss. 
  • Microneedling – this minimally-invasive procedure uses microneedles to create tiny microchannels in your scalp. This triggers your body’s natural healing response, which increases the collagen production in the area. Collagen can assist with hair regeneration, while also acting as an antioxidant to prevent hair damage from free radicals. 
  • LED Light Therapy – an LED red light device is used to target heat to various areas on your scalp to stimulate blood circulation around your scalp, which can help further stimulate your hair follicles. 
  • Intramuscular injections for vitamin D3 and vitamin B complex – compared to intradermal injections, intramuscular injections allow the injectables to enter the bloodstream directly, which allow you to absorb and benefit from the injectable more efficiently. Vitamin D3 and B’s support the growth of hair follicles from the inside! 

During your six-week waiting period before receiving your next PRP injection, our package also includes a home care kit to boost the effects of your treatment. 

Included in your home care kit:

  • aNu MD Regenerative Hair Serum, Shampoo, and Conditioner
  • Nutrafol – 90-day supply for Men or Women. This scientifically researched supplement is designed to keep your scalp healthy and assist with hair growth.

Patients also have the option to add other hair growth-stimulating supplements and treatments to their package, including:

  • Vitamin D3 5000 IU – vitamin D is metabolized by keratinocytes, which help produce keratin, a protein essential for stronger hair. 
  • Hydrolyzed collagen – collagen supplements to increase your body’s collagen production; older adults produce less collagen for their skin, hair, nails, lips, and joints. 
  • Biotics Biomega 1000 (Omega 3) – contains nutrients essential in healthy hair regrowth and blood circulation. 
  • Laser Hair Growth Helmet – laser treatment that heats the scalp to promote circulation of the treatment area. 

The Best PRP Hair Restoration Treatment in Kansas City by aNu Aesthetics and Optimal Wellness

PRP hair restoration treatments on their own can provide visible results during and after all treatments have been done. But for a hair growth treatment plan that can help you see thicker and longer hair, maximizing each session with our hair growth treatments can help you see better results after every session.

At aNu Aesthetics and Optimal Wellness, we offer a comprehensive treatment plan unlike any other procedure offered by practices in the United States. We understand that each PRP treatment session can take time and patience before you see results, so we can provide added layers of hair growth stimulation throughout the treatment period to speed up the process and give you results as soon as possible. 

Our advanced treatments during your PRP therapy sessions ensure you’re getting the most out of your visits to our practice. And during your six-week wait, you can continue the hair-stimulating process with our home care kits that can continue to promote a healthier head of hair. 

Experience a Hair Growth Treatment Plan Unlike Any Other at aNu Aesthetics and Optimal Wellness

FAQs About PRP Hair Restoration

Q: How long will it take to see hair growth? 

A: Depending on the state of your shedding or thinning hair, new hair growth can be seen as early as four weeks, but it can take around three to six months to see significant changes in hair growth. You should see improvement up to one year. The number of PRP treatment sessions needed can vary per patient, but most patients usually need three treatment sessions, spaced six weeks apart. 

Q: Are there any side effects to PRP injections for hair growth?

A: PRP is made with your own blood, so the risks of an allergic reaction are virtually low. However, the injection process may result in minor side effects that are common with other types of injectable treatments, such as temporary swelling, slight bruising, and minor pain on the injection sites. Schedule a private consultation with us to learn more. 

Q: Are there surgical options to treat hair thinning?

A: The only surgical hair restoration treatment available is getting a hair transplant, which involves taking healthy hair follicle donors from the back of your scalp and planting it in areas where your hair is thinning. However, keep in mind that hair transplants are a more expensive procedure and there is a risk of hair transplant failure. Before considering surgical options, schedule an appointment to consider less invasive aesthetic treatments that can provide the same hair thickening results on natural hair growth. 

Visit aNu Aesthetics and Optimal Wellness for a Comprehensive Hair Growth Treatment Plan

The effects of natural hair loss can be put on pause with a powerful treatment plan to combat the results of aging and genetic conditions. At aNu Aesthetics and Optimal Wellness, we provide our patients with the means to look and feel their best. For a healthy head of hair that combats the signs of hair loss, contact our practice today to discuss a treatment plan for you.

Experience a Hair Growth Treatment Plan Unlike Any Other at aNu Aesthetics and Optimal Wellness