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Magistris MD


Why Choose a Magistris MD location?

(This comes from Magistris Aesthetica with means masters of aesthetics in Latin)

Magistris MD-affiliated Medical Spas use the most advanced and safest non-invasive / minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure techniques, equipment, and products in order to ensure that our patients achieve the most optimal outcomes while minimizing risk factors for complications. With our commitment to a “patient-centric” approach, combined with our continuing medical education and expertise, there really is no reason to choose any other facility besides a Magistris MD-affiliated Medical Spa.

Medical aesthetics are often viewed as a medical service and rightly so; however, it is easy to overlook the art involved. The anatomy of the face, the aging process, natural asymmetry, and each individual patient’s aesthetic goals all play a role in injection placement, technique, best product usage, etc. Our providers not only possess the medical insight to provide excellent treatment, they also assist in educating our patients so that they are able to articulate their specific goals so that we can craft a realistic treatment plan based on the services best tailored to achieve their desired outcome.