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Is PRP Hair Restoration Right for You?

Hair loss can be the death of your confidence and self-worth. For one, you may always be trying to think of ways to make sure that no one else notices your bald spots or thinning hair. For years you may have tried to remedy the problem via serums, shampoos, and hair sprays promising to restore your hair. But the real root of the problem is that your hair follicles have simply stopped working, and no serum or shampoo can get them working again. Before you despair anymore, there is one way to get those follicles growing hair once again: PRP! Below you can read more about PRP hair restoration and whether or not it is the right choice for you.

What is PRP?

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) is an all-natural treatment that is capable of harnessing the power of your blood in order to restore the body. Platelet-rich plasma contains white blood cells and proteins known as growth factors. This part of your blood is able to supercharge the healing ability of your body and restore your tissue on a cellular level.

The PRP Procedure

For the procedure, we begin with a routine, medical blood draw. We will then take that blood and place it inside of a centrifuge where it will be broken down into its different parts, and the platelet-rich plasma will be separated from the other elements of your blood. This high-concentration of growth factors and white blood cells will then be used to create an injectable serum. We will then strategically inject the PRP serum into various points of your scalp, targeting the areas where you are experiencing hair loss or thinning.

PRP and Hair Loss

Because PRP is able to prompt your body to begin the healing process, once injected, it will restore and rejuvenate your dormant or malfunctioning hair follicles. PRP increases blood circulation to your scalp, priming the region for improved coverage.

We usually recommend a series of intervally spaced treatment sessions for the best results. Because PRP prompts your hair follicles to start producing your own, real hair once again, you should see results within a matter of months. There are no ill side effects associated with PRP and no chance of any allergic reactions. Unlike other hair loss treatments, PRP is wholly non-invasive and non-surgical. You won’t be left with any unwelcome scars or unnatural-looking hair plugs.

Are You a Candidate for PRP Hair Restoration?

Most people make good candidates for PRP. If you are in the early stages of hair loss, are suffering from alopecia, or have weak hair growth on some areas of your scalp, then you may make a good candidate for this treatment. It also helps to harbor realistic expectations of the procedure in terms of what it may be able to accomplish.

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To learn more about PRP hair restoration, please feel free to reach out and make an appointment with aNu Aesthetics & Optimal Wellness! At our convenient location in Kansas City, our friendly and experienced professionals will be ready to explain this process in greater detail, address any questions or concerns you may have, and help you regain your old, luscious locks. Contact us today to set up your consultation!

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