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How Long Does ThermiSmooth Last?

With age comes wisdom and priceless memories. However, cellulite, sagging skin, and wrinkles also accompany age. At aNu Aesthetics™ & Optimal Wellness in Kansas City, MO, we believe that people of all shapes, sizes, and ages should feel self-confident about their looks, and this is just one reason we offer ThermiSmooth.

How Long Does ThermiSmooth Last? 

Typically, the results of ThermiSmooth last a year. However, if you come in every nine months for a short maintenance treatment, you can extend the results indefinitely. Furthermore, you can also extend the results of your treatment by receiving professional skincare treatments designed to boost collagen and wearing sunscreen when you go outside.

How Many Sessions Will I Need to Restore My Youth? 

Whether you’re trying to restore youth to your face or body, you will probably need four treatments spaced approximately two to four weeks apart to enjoy the smooth, youthful skin you once had. However, you will only need one touch-up session every nine to 12 months to maintain your restored, renewed, flawlessly smooth skin.

How Long Does Treatment Take? 

Depending on the laxity of your skin and the size of the area being treated, your session may last anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes. When you come in for your initial evaluation, we can provide you with a more accurate estimate of how long your sessions may take.

What Can I Expect During My Initial Evaluation? 

During your initial evaluation, we will assess the health and quality of your skin and evaluate your aesthetic goals. With this information, combined with your medical history, we can determine if this is the right aesthetic service for you. Depending on your unique needs, you may be a better candidate for SkinTyte, or, you may benefit from a combination of treatments.

Am I a Good Candidate for ThermiSmooth? 

You are a good candidate for ThermiSmooth Face if you are concerned about wrinkles or sagging skin around your forehead, eyes, cheeks, mouth, and neck. You are a better candidate for ThermiSmooth Body if you are concerned about cellulite or sagging skin affecting the: 

  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Knees
  • Calves
  • Ankles
  • Hips
  • Back
  • Flanks
  • Abdomen
  • Arms
  • Chest

Learn How to Look Years Younger Today

You don’t have to settle for wrinkles, sagging skin, and cellulite revealing your true age to the world. ThermiSmooth can smooth your skin quickly, safely, and effectively. Even better, the results can last up to a year with no extra effort on your part. With regular touch-ups, you can enjoy smooth skin for the rest of your life.

If you have any further questions about ThermiSmooth, call us today at asnotNu Aesthetics™ & Optimal Wellness in Kansas City, MO at (816) 208-8577 to schedule your initial evaluation. 

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