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Why do I need hormones, vitamins, and supplements?

Well, simply put, hormones it is the first step to get you feeling like your younger self again. At the very least, you’ll try something new and amazing. At best, it could change your life!

And how could it change everything?

Well, let’s talk about what’s going on with you. Does this sound familiar? You’re trying to take all the right steps; eating ‘healthy’ foods and being as consistent as possible with your exercise routine, but are still experiencing weight gain or difficulty losing weight, hot flashes, sleep issues, & brain fog.

Why is this happening to you?

The honest-to-goodness biggest culprit? Your hormones may need some fine tuning. Good nutrition (proteins, healthy fats, low glycemic fruits and vegetables), is key to helping your body make the hormones you need. If your body cannot make hormones, then it cannot be in balance. If it’s not in balance, you’ll be getting hot flashes and asking people ‘what was the name of that friend of yours?’ or saying ‘I’m so sorry I missed our lunch date, I just forgot!’ for much longer than you anticipate. Let’s start by understanding hormones so we can give your body the nutrients it needs to stay in balance.

Thyroid hormones

The thyroid produces hormones that control how your body converts calories into energy. Essentially, it controls your metabolism and your ability to metabolize.

When your thyroid hormones are too low the calories metabolize straight to fat leaving you feeling depleted and fat-igued! If you feel this, we need to check your thyroid hormones which include TSH, free T4 and free T3 and thyroid antibodies to start.

When the thyroid gland is under-active, hypothyroidism, your metabolism is sluggish too. This equals less energy, less initiative, less movement.

Some other signs of thyroid problems include: hair loss, dry dull skin, brittle nails, constipation, joint pains and muscle aches.

Support your thyroid with:

Natural Compounded Thyroid
A high quality multivitamin (Albion micronutrients, chelated minerals)
200 mcg of selenium or 2 brazil nuts daily
Foods rich in iodine, zinc and tyrosine such as sushi and seaweed and oysters

Adrenal hormones 

Cortisol, our stress responder and natural anti-inflammatory, is one of the biggies here. The adrenal gland cortex also produces aldosterone, which helps maintain blood pressue and our salt and water balance; and Androgens such as DHEA and Testosterone.

Let’s talk about cortisol. Too much or too little of this can cause weight loss resistance. In other words, weight loss becomes difficult and feels impossible. It can also lead to burnout, inflamation, and low levels of oxytocin. Some of us lead such stressful lives (or are constantly dinged and pinged) that our cortisol levels are always high. Eating fast food and simple carbs stress your adrenals, which increases your cortisol levels and is a cause of the “muffin top”.

When you’re not producing enough cortisol, you simply feel drained. This may cause you to reach for caffeine, sugar and simple carbs to get an energy boost, but these all significantly strain your adrenals.

What to do?

Adrenal Support Supplements
Try to get your body more alkaline
Reset your circadian rhythm by getting a good nights sleep
Breathe – deep breathing is an excellent cortisol reducer
Focus your thoughts on the positive good in your life and express gratitude which will make you happy too.

Reproductive hormones

It’s not all about reproduction. These hormones are essential in creating the balanced, joyful, healthy, and connected lives that we desire. Men and women both have estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and DHEA which are all key in keeping extra weight off, feeling stronger and happier too. In fact, men and women thrive relationally when their hormones are balanced. Testosterone helps maintain lean muscle mass, libido and healthy bones. Low levels are also linked to lack of motivation.

One of our crowning hormones and key connection hormones is the “bonding, love and affection hormone” Oxytocin. Yes, increase your levels of Oxytocin! More oxytocin means more love and a lower appetite. It contributes to healthy aging, healthy connections, and long-lasting partnerships.

It really is hard to obtain and maintain hormone balance without TLC or therapeutic lifestyle changes. But when your body is in balance nutritionally and hormonally, then it can balance itself physically. Many of you are time-crunched and feeling the pressure of having so many responsibilities. We are here to help! The first step is labs and a patient questionnaire (under new patient forms). Call for your appointment.

“The lifelong pursuit of wellness and vitality… at the very least, you’ll spend time trying something amazing. At best… it could change your life. Are you ready for ‘aNu you’?”

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