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Why Everyone Wants Injectables Right Now Kansas City, MO

It’s no secret that we were unable to administer injectables while we were temporarily closed for the pandemic, so the backlog of demand that we are currently experiencing was inevitable (and we are very sorry for any inconvenience it is causing you!). But we think the demand for injectables goes much deeper than just scheduling.

For starters, what other aesthetic treatment than dermal fillers affords instant age-defying gratification, plumping lips, raising cheekbones, diminishing nasolabial folds — all without surgery? Secondly, is there an easier way than Botox® or Dysport® to smooth away pesky brow furrows and crow’s feet? We can’t think of any.

Here at aNu Aesthetics and Optimal Wellness, we are committed to bringing out your personal best in every way, so we carefully choose to administer only the most proven treatments that deliver exceptional results with little risk or downtime. Injectables fit this bill to a T, and this is why the demand for injectables is sure to keep surging. You simply can’t beat the benefits with ease!

So, are you ready to schedule your next injectables session? To help you achieve your very best results here a few expert tips:

Plan ahead.

If you’re a procrastinator by nature, it’s a good time to “fake” Type-A habits and book your injectables sessions for the next year in advance. Though it sounds like a lot, it’s really not. Neurotoxins like Botox and Dysport may need three treatments every four months, while dermal fillers may involve touch-up sessions once or twice a year, depending on your needs. The best thing about routine injectables is that the more you do, the less injectable you need, which saves you money in the long run.

Stick with those who know.

Here at aNu Aesthetics and Optimal Wellness, we are proud to employ three certified MD Master Injectors, three certified RN Master Injectors, and use only the highest quality products, including the two major manufacturers of injectables and several others. Dr. Watkins is also a National Aesthetic trainer for Allergan®. So, when it comes to achieving your aesthetic goals, we have the experience and expertise to get you exactly where you want and need to be.

Do your part.

Skincare is simply incredible these days. Did you know that Alastin®, one of our favorite medical-grade skin care lines (available on our Shop page), just released a special formula specifically for injectables patients? It’s called INhance Post-Injection Serum with TriHex Technology®, and it’s clinically proven to speed healing and reduce downtime. Another proven tool for maintaining your injectables results is applying collagen-enhancing skincare at home. Our results-driven medical grade skin care lines, including SkinMedica®, Alastin®, SkinBetter® and ZO® Obagi Skincare, feature a wide range of retinol-based formulas to help strengthen and renew your skin at a cellular level.

Other tips for your best results include avoiding alcohol and other blood thinners, using arnica montana in oral supplement form and/or topical, and planning for a bit of social downtime while your injectables fully settle into your contours. For example, you wouldn’t try to pencil in a session before a big night out or running a marathon. Vigorous activity boosts blood flow, and that’s the last thing you want if you’re trying to avoid swelling and bruising.

We truly can’t wait to see you for your next injectables session! Please call us at 816.359.3310 or complete our online consultation request form today!

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