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Needleless Lip Fillers: Are They Safe?

Hyaluronic acid (HA) lip injectable pens use pressure technology that infuses HA beauty serum directly into the lips. Unlike traditional fillers, the hyaluron pen is a needle-free device used to administer the hyaluronic acid filler. Some cosmetic manufacturers  market needleless hyaluron filler products to the public, which they claim stimulate collagen production and increase volume to the targeted area. 

So are needleless lip fillers safe? The quick answer is no. These devices apply pressure to the skin forcing hyaluronic acid fillers into the superficial layer of dermis, which can result in lip ulcerations, bruising, swelling, uneven results, vascular occlusion, infection, and cold sores. Apart from traditional lip fillers requiring a licensed practitioner, people who wish to have their lips done mostly need needle-aided lip procedures to achieve the look that they want. Lip augmentation treatments in beauty clinics are far safer than just using hyaluron pens. 

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Why Experts Don’t Recommend Needleless Lip Fillers

Unlike lip augmentation procedures using needles, filler-like longevity isn’t expected after using hyaluron pens, suggests Warwick, RI dermatologist Caroline Chang, MD. It will only permeate the skin’s surface layers, making the skin hydrated instantly, but that outcome is temporary. The majority of the product doesn’t even pass through the skin, and people notice it only on the upper layer of skin after the pen treatment. 

According to Lee Ann M. Klausner, MD, a facial plastic surgeon in New York, users not only have inexperienced and untrained people doing these cosmetic treatments to themselves and others, but it’s also uncertain what the products are and what they contain: are they 100% pure hyaluronic acid dermal fillers? Are they clean and safe for the lips? No one knows for sure what ingredients hyaluron pens have. . 

Though there is physical trauma from the jet injector, that elevated pressure, the high-velocity infusion can induce damage to surface skin mucosa or compression of blood vessels that can lead to the breakdown of the lips, as well as surrounding areas. Having somebody without expertise in doing lip treatments anatomy can do a lot of serious damage. 

It is also challenging for a user without advanced training to handle the bar of pressure, thickness of skin, and depth of lines which might increase bruising and possibly contribute to uneven effects and lumps in the lips, asserts Konstantin Vasyukevich, MD, a facial plastic surgeon in New York. A qualified medical professional should conduct lip filler treatments to patients for optimal results.

Licensure is given by respective governing bodies only to qualified healthcare practitioners (whether they are MDs or RNs). These regulatory agencies make sure that they practice competently and safely, and have enough knowledge of the tools and techniques needed for successful treatments. Medical experts are fully aware of getting their licenses and titles suspended or revoked permanently if they don’t adhere to their oath. 

Most estheticians and non-specialists who sell the hyaluron pen are not medically licensed and thus don’t have a regulatory body to discipline them or to which they must respond. According to Health Canada, estheticians and spas that sell or distribute the hyaluron pen have been reached out to and informed of the licensing demands and possible health risks, but many continue to use it despite such warnings.

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The Risks of Using Hyaluron Pens

The main issue with DIY needle-free lip fillers (hyaluron pens) is that the user doesn’t  require professional hands to be used, nor are these regulated by any beauty and health authority. As a result, people who want to get this lip enhancement procedure done purchase these DIY pens online with no proper checking and apply the product on their lips with no proper training. 

As previously stated, this can lead to dangerous situations and adverse effects (risk of occlusion, infection, ulcers, bruising, and so forth) that may not be identified as harmful if the right amount, tool or technique was used.. Medical experts warned that using hyaluron pens as a tool to fill the lips subject its users to the following immediate risks:

  • skin staining
  • skin inflammatory responses
  • pustule or abscesses

 Increased or gradual risks:

  • high pressure or user error can cause damage to skin, eyes, or blood vessels.
  • cross-contamination between patients causes the spread of disease transmission.
  • fungal and bacterial infection as a result of contamination during the filling process

However, the hyaluron pen is more than just a cosmetic tool; it’s also very likely to fall under the FDA’s classification of a medical device, as it is created to inject compounds underneath the human skin’s surface utilizing advanced pressure technology. 

The pen’s style does not seem to be proprietary, which means that any cosmetics company can try and put their packaging on the item or sell it in bulk. While the FDA has authorized air pressure technology for use with particular prescriptions, experts say that people using hyaluron pens to inject fillers to their lips and faces expose themselves to plenty of possible health risks. 

But still, some think of  the hyaluron pen as a painless, non-invasive, no-needle filler answer on the internet. The main reasons that they think this way are because of the accessibility and affordability of the pens. Some fail to consider the health risks that hyaluron pens may pose to them as long as they gain access to one of the most in-demand aesthetic procedures right now, and get it done for cheap. It’s important to understand that what may be of benefit to them right now in terms of facial treatments may not necessarily give them their desired results later on. 

What Could Happen If You Use Hyaluron Pens?

These dangers vary from purely aesthetic to more serious medical issues. Improper injections, according to specialists, can induce fillers to ball up, forming unsightly bumps on the lips. These bumps can inhibit blood flow. There are vital nerves and blood vessels that run through the various layers of skin and mucosal lip. 

Patients risk subcutaneous tissue necrosis or dead cells due to irrevocable trauma if the wrongly placed filler compresses the blood vessels, and this condition is called vascular occlusion. Other injection sites, such as the nasolabial fold, where the nose meets the cheek and smile lines are most visible, make some specialists even more anxious. 

When injecting the target area, it will go through the facial artery, and if users unintentionally inject into that artery, patients will go blind. Some people are dead set on saving money and will try any cheap lip fillers no matter what. If that’s the case, be aware that certain  dangers definitely outweigh the benefits, especially when using hyaluronic pens. 

In the event of an emergency, such as acquiring an infectious disease or getting vascular occlusion, patients are advised to rush to the nearest hospital or emergency center to stop their condition from getting worse. 

When trying something new or risky at home, it always pays to do your research first before a trendy product even touches your lips. Needleless hyaluron lip fillers are currently a health hazard, but the idea of having your own needle-free lip fillers as if you’re applying just lip gloss may not be too far-fetched, given the innovations that the beauty industry has already achieved today: anything is possible! 

However, more studies and research will be necessary to guarantee the safety, reliability, and effectiveness of the hyaluronic pen.Moreover, there are serious consequences when people choose to just settle for the easy and cheap way to achieve their desired look. Most of the time, they just end up disappointed with their results.  This is why it’s critical to seek out a practitioner with proper medical training to prevent botched lip treatments.

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Get Plumper Lips With a Safe Lip Filler Treatment at aNu Aesthetics

woman receiving injection of lip filler in her lips

Although needleless lip fillers like the hyaluron pen may be all the hype especially on social media, it won’t give you the results you want: fuller, plumper lips that are safe, made with pure and effective ingredients, and would last for a long time.Moreover, a hyaluron pen uses pressure to infuse hyaluronic acid into the skin, which can result in dangerous effects, from purely cosmetic flaws to serious medical conditions like clogged blood vessels and even deformities. 

At aNu Aesthetics, we put our clients’ health and safety first. Our highly experienced team ensures that clients get effective, and long-lasting results for their lip augmentation without compromising on safety. We have a wide range of treatments for you to achieve your dream lips. Contact us today to know more.

The Perfect Filler For The Perfect You

What is your perfect cosmetic filler? Whether in your lips, cheeks, or anywhere else, our providers know exactly how to make you look your best. Call us today to learn more.


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