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Lavita Green


LaVita is the Owner of CareSticks Mobile Phlebotomy Services LLC. She has serviced the healthcare industry since 2004 as a Medical Assistant, Corporate Wellness Coach and Mobile Phlebotomist. LaVita has been “The face of Corporate Wellness” and direct mobile lab service for the last 10 years. After receiving her degree in 2005, She worked hard to perfect her skill, gaining a passion to find and create a professional concierge phlebotomy network.

LaVita made a name for herself in the industry by partnering with laboratories locally and nationally. These partnerships opened the doors for Caresticks to “turn the lights on” and provide full time service. CareSticks is a nationwide phlebotomy staffing partner. We work closely with physicians, facilities, nutritionists, hospitals, universities and insurance companies. Caresticks is growing! Recently Lavita was the phlebotomist for the Kansas City Chiefs, and she has plans to open a 2nd on-site draw station in Lenexa, KS in the summer of 2021.

When LaVita isn’t running CareSticks, you can catch her on the track with her super fast 17 year old daughter Aaliyah, battling board games with her 11 year old son KyRin, and new to the family is her 2 year old daughter Kamri. LaVita believes health is wealth, business is business, and family is everything!