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5 Overeating Prevention Tips for Everyone Kansas City, MO

We all overindulge now and then, but if indulging is becoming your new norm, it may be time for a dietary reboot, so to speak! Here are a few expert tips for healthier eating habits going forward, and a happier you!

1. Out of sight, out of belly

We couldn’t resist this cute twist on an old saying, but seriously, when it comes to overeating, it’s the truth! It’s clinically proven that storing cookies and other tempting foods on your kitchen counter or another high-traffic spot you see throughout the day can lead to frequent snacking and overeating. We know this to be true from personal experience, but what’s truly fascinating is why. It turns out that just looking at high calorie foods stimulates the part of our brain that modulates impulse control, called the striatum. This may explain why it’s so hard to resist our favorite treats. So, your first step toward eating better may be storing all those tempting foods away and out of sight. Or better yet, try not buying them at all so the temptation isn’t as close to you.

2. Stick to a routine

Plan your meal times and stick to them. If you do best eating three meals a day and an afternoon snack, for example, make your mealtime schedule a priority and stick with it. Too often in life, we get caught up in work or other commitments and forget to make time to eat properly. Then suddenly, we find ourselves starving and we have no choice but to grab something quick. And if we’re grabbing “something quick,” chances are it’s not the most nutritious choice for us. Sticking with a schedule gives you the structure you need to plan for healthy food choices.

3. Every little step counts!

We sometimes feel a loss of control when it comes to our eating habits, but every minute is a chance for a fresh start. Are you ready to take back your power and make healthy choices this spring because you’re worth it? If so, we recommend starting small. A few simple dietary changes can go a long way toward helping you feel more energetic and hopeful. For example, you could start by reducing your intake of sugar. If you add it to your morning coffee or tea, try cutting it out or reducing the amount gradually over the week. If you’re used to snacking on cookies or ice cream, stop buying your favorite treats so they aren’t in the house to tempt you. Research indicates that small victories like this can make a huge impact by creating positive momentum and boosting self-esteem.

4. Stay engaged

We’re referring to both physical and mental engagement here, because boredom can be a huge overeating trigger. What are you doing throughout the day to keep your mind and body active and in a creative state? Whether you’re busy working remotely or caring for your family — (in other words, no matter what you are doing) — we challenge you to stay present and in the moment. Mind/body researchers have long extolled the health benefits of mindfulness, which include a higher rate of contentment and longevity.

5. Ask us for help!

There’s no need to go it alone! If you are striving to eat healthier or lose weight this spring, we are here to help in every way possible. Have you heard about our B12 and Turbo Shots for boosting your metabolism and vitality? For more information, please call us at (816) 359-3310 or email us at today!

Article sourced in this blog: 13 Ways to Prevent Stress Eating When You’re Stuck at Home

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