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Words cannot describe how much better I feel. When I came to Anu I was feeling defeated. I had been trying to follow Keto lifestyle for years and the scale just would not budge and, at times, would go up. I was lethargic, depressed, and ready to eat whatever I wanted because it clearly did not matter. I sat down in my first WW meeting in the 6th grade. I have tried every diet I could get my hands on over the years.

After sitting down and learning with Dr. Watkins I was blown away. Some things I knew, but so many I did not. I have always been told that my “thyroid is fine”. Well, it was not.

I started this journey weighing over 200 pounds in March of 2021 and am happy to report that today, September 1, 2021, I weigh 160.9 pounds. I am eating cleaner than I ever have and feel AMAZING! One thing I have learned is to eat foods without a label and that has been a game changer.

I was quite skeptical in the beginning because, after all, I have tried so many things that have not worked. I sat in that sauna twice a week, I drank my water, I ate my foods and IT WORKED!
Thank you, BIG TIME, to Dr. Watkins for giving me my life back!! You and your staff have been priceless over these last few months and I owe my success to you all.