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I have been more than thrilled with my experience and treatment with Dr. Watkins and her entire team at Anu! I started with Dr. Watkins as a wellness patient and was amazed at how quickly I began to feel better and started to lose weight by learning what foods my body did not like. She listened and provided me the education I needed that I still do not receive from my traditional family physician.

Dr. Watkins also provided hormone therapy in my treatment which I believe helped to ensure the success in my regenerative treatment for hair growth. My hair was thinning at a rapid rate and I consistently was standing in the shower with globs of hair in my hands! After the treatment, the first thing I noticed was that my hair had stopped falling out! Before I noticed the new growth I noticed the texture of my hair was different, it felt stronger! I did not need as much product and no longer needed to freeze my hair in place with hair spray! One of the unexpected benefits…….my eyelashes are thicker and longer! Love my hair, love my lashes, love how I am feeling!
I am so grateful to Dr. Watkins and her team at aNu!