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Hello! Mom, Dad, and I just talked and I wanted to get you our observations on how Dad and we feel he’s doing.

Motor skills
-dizziness-same (he stopped his levedopa today and is going to see if that helps)
-walking-a lot better, more balanced, falling backwards has decreased a lot

Fine motor skills
-writing-more legible

-engaged, talkative, overall HAPPY, so much better! Used to be flat/not present…now he is back to participating in conversations etc. my kids this morning said “grandpas better!”

-forgetful and confused at times but less frequent than before.
-not repetitive with asking same questions over and over

-can read better but still having difficulty with vision due to excessive tear production. Meeting with Neuro ophthalmologist in January

First few weeks at home after last round were wonderful. He didn’t start his NAD injections until I want to say 3 weeks after his last IV and was starting to decline. After starting his IM injections my mom said he rebounded and has been doing really well again

The conversation has definitely changed from preparing for the worst to now learning how to live life to the fullest with this disease ❤️

- Katie