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Hi Lady!! Miss visiting with you during our Botox/disport injections, It has been so long. I cannot believe what you’ve turned this into since the urgency room, it is absolutely amazing. So, I finally broke down and tried your cool tone that you were raving about on my abs and glutes, what a difference on the glutes!! I’ve even came back twice for touch ups, haha. Then I tried a package of zwave treatments and saw some changes in my upper leg cellulite near glutes. I am just loving all your services! I also just recently started doing the ultimate unicorn and am anxious to see the end results of that. I’m thinking about making an appointment with you for bio identical hormones as well, just have to convince the hubby.  Your staff has been so amazing too, Marla, Kathy, Autumn, Kelly, CiJay and Amber! Sometimes I’m embarrassed by how much I frequent your place, but they are always so welcoming and friendly.

Hope all is going well and your family is staying healthy!