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Chinese Modular Solutions Tonify Qi


2 fl oz.
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There are three sources of Qi: Postnatal Qi (Ying) from the Spleen, Pulmonary (Zong) Qi from the Lung, and Prenatal (Yuan) Qi from the Kidney. Formulas that tonify Qi in the broadest sense first emphasize supplementing the Qi and Spleen, then Lung, then Kidney. This is because Qi is most readily available from the Spleen via nutrition, secondarily from the Lung via respiration, and lastly from the Kidney via inheritance and conservation. Strategically, promoting the Spleen’s capacity to assimilate and distribute nourishment insures adequate resources under the command of the Lung, and fortifies the vital reserves governed by the Kidney.*

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  • Ci wu jia – Eleuthero root and rhizome
  • Huang qi – Astragalus root
  • Bai zhu – White atractylodes rhizome
  • Wu wei zi – Schisandra fruit
  • Bai ren shen – White Asian ginseng root and rhizome
  • Gan cao – Chinese licorice root and rhizome
  • Chen pi – Tangerine dried rind of mature fruit
  • Chao zhi ke – Dry fried bitter orange mature fruit