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aNū MD Retinol & Repair PM Pads


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These advanced, pre-soaked retinol pads provide easy application while delivering aggressive results through our proprietary trans-epidermal delivery system, ensuring optimal delivery of stabilized retinol and nutrients to targeted areas within the skin. Retinol, also known as vitamin A, reduces the appearance and occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles, stimulates cellular regeneration and improves overall skin tone. The Retinol Pads are also antioxidant-rich, providing protection against environmental stressors such as free radicals and sun damage, which are a cause of premature aging of the skin. Tetra-hexyldecyl ascorbate, used in the pre-soaked pads, is a specialized form of vitamin C that penetrates the skin 50 times more effectively than L-ascorbic acid and is clinically proven to reduce melanin synthesis, age spots and UV-induced pigmentation.

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