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aNū MD Perfect Balance Toner


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Gentle  and  nourishing  botanically  rich  pH-balanced  Octapeptide  formula,  fortified  with  a  Trans-Epidermal  Carrier,  cleans,  clears  and  preps the skin. Perfect Balance Toner eliminates excess dirt, oil and makeup to prepare skin for moisturization or further treatment. This product  leaves  the  complexion  soft  and  smooth,  enhancing  skin’s  natural  ability  to  retain  moisture.  In  addition,  the  Perfect  Balance  Toner's  peptide  complex  works  to  improve  the  looks  and  signs  of  aging  formed  from  repetitive  facial  expressions,  while  the  botanical  oils  and  extracts  work  to  hydrate,  soothe  and  provide  antioxidant  protection.

Additional information