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Chloe Roberts, BSN-RN

Registered Nurse

Advanced Aesthetic Injector and Laser Specialist

IV Therapy Medical Provider

Chloe Roberts, BSN-RN, has a passion to help others feel confidently beautiful.

Chloe started her nursing career as a labor and delivery nurse and then advanced into aesthetics, and found her passion. Chloe is also a talented licensed Cosmetologist and makeup artist so having an eye for
aesthetics comes naturally to her.

Along with aesthetics, Chloe is passionate about helping others feel their very best and focusing on one’s individual health and wellness to find the root cause to achieve optimal health. Her mother is a pharmacist and has dealt with autoimmune issues. Functional medicine and wellness is what saved her life. Chloe has first-hand knowledge of how infusion therapy and following functional guidelines can make all the difference.
Chloe is excited to be working for Dr. Watkins as she focuses not only on enhancing your natural beauty through aesthetics but also helping you feel your best self through functional medicine and wellness.