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Aleasha Deister

Staff Manager

Aleasha started calling Kansas City home back in 2007 when she relocated from Katy, Texas. Over the years Aleasha has been inspired to join multiple areas of patient care ranging from Surgical assisting, to helping coach and train recently graduated Specialty Dental Practitioners. She has always been driven to help others succeed. Aleasha began a leadership role in 2017 as a Lead Surgical Assistant and was given an opportunity to expand her leadership role into a multi team Manager in 2018, and began supporting teams across multiple cities in the Midwest. Aleasha strives to always be learning and helping to change the lives of the Patients and Team members she supports. She is excited to grow within the industry of Aesthetics and Wellness, already completing Coolsculpting University becoming certified in Cool Sculpture. Aleasha is ready for all the exciting new experiences ahead.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and 4 children, Braden, Hannah, Casey and Owen, whether they are visiting the Lake, watching the kids Ski and Tube or, riding Dirt bikes and ATV’s in the Mountains. Her fur Baby, Sayde, is always in tow, loving the wind in her face, and enjoying the sunshine and great outdoors. Aleasha has a passion for cooking and entertaining family and friends. She makes sure they all know that they are welcome to join in celebrating our KC Chiefs, hanging around a bonfire, or getting a buggy ride anytime!